Thursday, October 30


Found this out on the web. Thought it was pretty funny given the current news and all...


No new posts

I've been pretty lax with getting some updates out and about. Lynn went to the O.B. today and all is still good. She said to maybe expect the babies 6 weeks early which could put them around Dec. 1. That is a little Too early for my taste...

Well, nuttin else to say.


Sunday, October 19

Pumpkin Picking

Today we went out for our annual pumpkin expedition. We went over to Theis Farms as normal. The picken's we a little slim in the field that we looked in. A lot of rotten and smashed ones, but we were able to find 3 decent ones for the front porch.

This morning, Nate got to wear a new outfit for Church:
PumpkinPicking 004 (Large)

Here's a picture of Nate sitting on a pumpkin. He seemed to be a lot more interested in the combine, sitting on pumpkins and pulling the wagon instead of actually looking for a pumpkin.

PumpkinPicking 017 (Large)

Here Nate is pulling the wagon
PumpkinPicking 013 (Large)


Friday, October 17

Which Superhero am I

Well, Lynn has forbidden from posting the ultrasound pictures tonight, so I'll have to post another of the tests that I've taken.

Nate and I are going to go out with Mr. Bruce possibly going out to Cici's or a place called Pizza Street out in St. Peter's. Nate will love playing the video games, again....

Maybe I'll have write you all more this weekend.

BTW, I'm Spider-man....

You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Thursday, October 16

Ultrasound pics

This post was sitting in my draft box. It is like from early October...

Couple of Ultrasound pics that were taken of the twins today.


Sunday, October 5

The Baler is staring at me...

Gave Lynn a break and Nate and I went up to my parents this weekend. We left on Friday morning, taking my sister and Mr. Dave. We headed over to the Golden Eagle Ferry to start out with and took the river road on the Illinois side up. We made several stops that day, (not to mention the 45 minute trackback to give Lynn my car keys). Nate got made at Hannibal and said "I want to go to Grandma Starbucks". We only made one more stop, at Johnnies to get gas, and then finally got up there at 5 pm.

We took Nate up to see my mom working at the school that night. We brought his scooter and he rode that up and down the hallways and in the big gym also. He took a few falls, but nothing too serious.

On Saturday, he was walking around the farm and went into the barn. He informed Mr. Dave (or was it Amy) that the Baler was staring at him. so we had him "poke it in the eye", which was one of the many bolts showing in the front of it. We then took him up to Bloomfield, IA, where they were having a Fall Art/Crafts Festival at the square. He got to Ride a "Thomas" train and also go to see LOTS of tractors. He had a blast.

We got back home and then went out to the brush pile to set it on fire. We discovered that Nate likes to walk in the woods alone. Also discovered that what bears like to do in the woods, Nate does also, and he had to take him back to the house twice this weekend.... He seems to like walking in the woods, and is getting a lot braver about wondering around, which means we'll need to start keeping a closer eye on him up there.

We celebrated my nephew's birthday Saturday night, but there wasn't a cake or anything. Everybody is busy next weekend for his birthday so I hope something substantial is done then.

We went back out into the woods tonight and hunted for hickory nuts, which Nate kept calling acorns...

Got back safetly to St. Louis tonight and Nate went down without complaint...

Here's some pics from this weekend:

Oct 2008 Nate 079 (Medium)

Oct 2008 Nate 074 (Medium)

Oct 2008 Nate 115 (Medium)

Oct 2008 Nate 114 (Medium)

Oct 2008 Nate 097 (Medium)