Thursday, September 27

Kiddie Pictures

My stuff went fine on Wednesday. I had to do an emergency change last night though to fix something. I think we are on pretty stable ground now though.

Getting ready to head up north for my grandfather's auction. don't know if I'll be getting anything. I kind of like auctions, but it will be weird to see all this stuff going.

Got news about my bonus this week. It is quite sizable, the biggest I've gotten at Jones yet. It will be nice. This project help A LOT. I must say.

Watched the season premiere of CSI tonight. wasn't that good. My sister is in the kitchen sewwing a wedding dress. how weird is that.

Hope to have some cool videod/pics of nate this weekend.

Couple weekends ago, Lynn's Sister-in-law said that Nate looked a lot like her when she was his age. So, for sake of arguement, I thought I would post a couple pictures of me at his age and let you all decide....

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Here's a pic of my bro and sis also:
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Tuesday, September 25

Big Day Tomorrow

WEll, tomorrow is the big implementation day for work. It's different then my normal impels i do because it is a mainframe batch job, so I've got most of the stuff going in automatically tonight and just need to wait till early tomorrow morning for it all to get executed.

We'll see.

Preparing for this weekend, my grandfather's estate auction. will be wierd seeing it all sold.

Nothing much else going on.


Saturday, September 22

Nate's Train Ride - Video

Uploading a video of Nate taking a ride on the Train in French Lick, IN. He had a blast on it. If you listen closely at the end, you can hear the narrator say we are approaching Larry Bird's Boyhood home. Highlight of the trip.... Not really. Train ride was though......

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On funny thing that was happening the other day I need to tell you all about. I was sitting on the floor and Nate was trying to get something to my left just within my arms reach. So I was sweeping my arm out and grabbing him and throwing him over my lap. He would get up and go back to the same spot again. After the fourth time or so, we'd see him go over to that spot, slightly turn away from me, and then look down... He was waiting for me to sweep him up. It was pretty funny.

Wednesday, September 19

Waiting for the weekend

Nothing much new going on around here. adjusting to going back to work after being off for so long. Lynn is doing a Ladies Nite tonight at the YMCA. she is hosting a "cloth diapering" table with her "boss", I guess that is what you call her....

I hope all goes well.

I had Nate tonight and I wanted to take him to the Y to go swimming so we could "spy" on Lynn to see how everything was going. Nate didn't want to have anything to do with it. He spent half the night walking around his train table, and then we went outside and I played with him and then we walked around the block. I made him walk the last two streets.

Putting him down has become a slight pain lately. Monday night, I put him down and he screamed a lot. I did a lot of rocking and he finally went down. Lynn got home and checked him (I had put on the wrong diaper), and woke him up again and then spent 20+ minutes putting him down again.

Tonight, I put him down, he got in two blood curdling screams, and I haven't heard from him since.

I've wondered about the SuperNanny principles of putting kids to bed and how I should adopt or utilize them. We'll have to see.....


Saturday, September 15

Family Vacation

We just got back from our vacation. I hadn't taken anytime off this year with work save for a day around Labor Day and some one offs here and there so I took last Thursday and Friday off. We took a vacation to Southern Indiana.

We first celebrated Nate's Birthday on Wednesday morning by presenting him with a Train Table that we had gotten used off Craig's List. He loved it and Lynn said he played with it all day, although I had to come home for an emergency around noon that day, Nate had torn up the tracks and it needed to get rebuilt. He loves his trains and one of his words he says alot is "Annie" which is the name of first coach car that Thomas the Tank engine pulls.

I got off work around 3 and we packed up the car, with kid and dog, and headed over to Lynn's parents to drop Jackson off (apparently he was a good dog, but was very very homesick the whole time). We drove through a lot of the country of Illinois, heading south and west. Nate say lots of combines, pronounced "Bom Bom", and had to point them out to us. A lot of farmers there are harvesting already, which is kind of sad because over Labor Day, my dad's corn was still quite green. They've had kind of a drought through there. WE also drove on the outskirts of Olney, Il, the home of the white Squirrel. Found this on the RoadSideAmerica website
Laws on the Olney books give the squirrels right-of-way on every street; residents are fined if they try leave town with one. Local police patches bear an outline of a bushy-tailed albino. Big Squirrel is watching you.
We arove at our destination about 8:30 that night in Vincennes, Indiana. We got a room at the Comfort Suites, which was very nice. Spent most of the night enjoying the cable t.v. that we can't enjoy at home.

Thursday morning, we enjoyed a nice Continental Breakfast at the hotel (waffles, cereal, eggs, sausage, etc.). We had to get to our destination at 1 P.M. EST, 12 central. I asked the lady exactly what Time Zone we were in and she didn't know. Thought that a little odd, I know that Indiana has some time zone issues, but if your own residents can't figure it out......

We headed downtown to see some of the sights. Coming into town, everything mentioned George Rogers Clark this and GRC that. I never heard of the guy. Guess I should have known. He was a pretty important figure in American History, especially during the Revolution. A park ranger, Pam Nolan, told us all about him and his legacy to the USA. REad about him on Wikipedia by clicking his name above. We'd probably be speaking French right now without him. At least those of us North of the Ohio River. Here's a pic of Me and the little guy on a cannon in the memorial park.
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We left there at 10 for our destination, The French Lick Train Museum. French Lick, it's not what you think. At least that is what one of the signs going there said. This was the whole reason for our trip. We got to go on a 1 hour train ride. We saw the boyhood home of Larry Bird also. The Celtic. He played Basketball.... Here's a pic of our train:
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Here's Nate looking out the window:
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He was enamoured by the whole thing. Of course he wanted to get up and run everywhere. The train went through a half mile tunnel and it got pretty dark there. It was fun though. Afterwards, we got to climb up on some of the trains. Lynn got a picture of Nate and I on this Steam engine:
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We then drove over to Salem, IN, to stay at our accomodations, the Cottage at West Point. It's a bed and breakfast out in the country. It was nice to relax in a quiet atmosphere. Nate made friends with the cats and the dogs. The house is a rebuilt 1848 hovel. The owners were nice to us also. had to pay cash though, so that kind of surprised us (liquidated my wallet, thank goodness for Wal-mart and Cash back purchases). Picture of the cottage:
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The bridge from the parking area:
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We headed South Friday morning to Louisville, KY. Not a very fun time there. We thought of going downtown to the visitor's center, but there was no parking and the streets were all one way and wrong way. We finally got there. Nate got a plastic horse for being so cute to the people there. We determined to head south into KY and see what we could find. We stopped at Churchill downs, but they were a little expensive on their tours and taking Nate through a tour, didn't sound too fun. So we skipped. Took a picture though:
Hosted by! We then headed South down to Bardstown, KY, to see a Burboun Festival. Drove by the Jim Bean Distilllery on the way there. Got to Bardstown, and the festival was a big dud. Guess it started that night. We at a diner call Mammy's. Not that great. The water in Bardstown had a funny taste to it. We left the town going down the BlueGrass Expressway, heading in a westerly direction so we could be in a position to get back to Missouri easily. Got onto one backroad accidently that took us into some Amish Country. Saw my first Tobacco Farms. Don't know if I remember ever seeing those before. Lots of barns where they hang up the tobacco to dry. Interesting to see. We drove up to the Rough River Lake to find some interesting stuff. Stopped a while to let Nate play. Then we did a hard drive back up to Vincennes to spend the night again.

Saturday morning, we all slept in late at the hotel, almost got kicked out by the 11 A.M. checkout time. Drove north up to Terra Haute, IN. Then started back West on I-70 towards Lynn's Parents. Along the way, saw a sign for "Historic Greenup Illinois". Drove on in and saw signs for a covered bridge and got this picture with Me and Nate there:
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If you notice, the bridge really isn't that old. It was actually built in 1998 to 2001. It's the last in a succession of bridges that stood at this point on the Embarras River. That's pronounced "EM-brah" according to Wikipedia. Guess it's French. Back in town we found a nice historical society and wandered around there. A lady also took us next door to a train depot and Nate got to "toot" a train whistle and see an elaborate toy train display. Once again He loved it.

We dined at Janet's Cafe, which was okay. Nate got to play with some tractors there. We headed back to Lynn's folks, got Jackson and got back to St. Louis.

It was a pretty good trip. I kind wished we had skipped the Kentucky part and just headed back through Southern Indiana. But it was good time for us to all take our first trip.

Well, I've typed enough and I think Lynn is doing laundry so it would only be proper of me to go and help her, prove that I am a Really Useful Husband.


Thursday, September 6

Rain Out

So yesterday at work, I won tickets to the Cardinals game today, in the Edward Jones Suite. It was Sweet. The game started at 1:10, well, was SUPPOSED to start at 1:10. It rained for an hour and a half, so they actually started at 2:40. We only stayed until 3:30 cause we had to get back to Nate. Best thing was that in the Jones Suite, they have such a huge spread of food. I think I put a lot of grease in me today. Ribs, Wings, Ravioli, Nachos, Hot Dogs... typical baseball food, I guess.

Found the following video on YouTube. Excited to hear that Fred Thompson is running. I liked him on Law and Order and he just seems like a down to earth guy. He campaigned for the Senate out of a pickup truck the first time. Pretty cool.


Tuesday, September 4

Weekend at Grandma's

We went to my parent's this weekend to celebrate Nate's upcoming birthday. He's going to be 2 you know. It was a pretty good weekend. Nate was all about going outside and riding the Mule, as usual. He really liked playing "boo" at the front door. Only problem is that he kept slamming the front door. We also lost him a couple times when he let himself out the back door.

Nate with Green Frosting on his mouth:
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Nate's B-day cake:
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Nate and Cake:
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Singing "Happy Birthday" to NATe:

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