Tuesday, February 28

4 days....

Okay, so I haven't posted in 4 days.   Not good on my part.  Sorry to all my adoring fans.  I don't really want to be one of those people that don't update their blogs for weeks at a time.
What's the use.
So this weekend was pretty good.  I hung out with Nate on saturday morning while Mom got to go to her much needed time with the women at her Bible Study.  He slept through most of it to my dismay.  I don't get to spend enough waking hours with him.     I did take a couple hours off on Saturday and I went to check out the Toy's 'R' Us closing phenonemon at NW Plaza.  Most of the good stuff is going away, but it looks like they really are discounting prices that much yet.   Lots of people there so me and Jackson got out of there.   I next drove by Skeeters to see if I could get an ice cream cone, but I was there at 2:45 and they open at 3, so I didn't want to wait around, but it would have been worth it.
Got home and Lynn was cleaning off the refridgerator.   She took off all her poetry stuff and I thought then that it looked TOOO white.  so we went to Hobby Lobby and got some picture magnet holders so we can put lots of pics of Nate and family on there.   Only family pic we have right now is of my cousin Marcy though.  we'll have to find others, somewhere.   Great thing about going out to St. Peters is that we got a Casey's Pizza.  Yum!   
Sunday we had our Bible study canceled once again so we all went to the Evans'.  hung out with them and had a good time.
Work is going kind of slow.  I think we are trying to determine if the work I've done for hte past 2 months is going to be scraped or not.   we'll have to see.

Friday, February 24

Thursday, February 23

Photo Session

Well, we spent most of tonight taking pics of Nate.    I got some pics with him with the blanket on his head.   Think he looks like some kind of Arab when I do that.    But he takes some good pics.  
I had some stuff to do with work tonight which was done without incident.   I will be so glad tomorrow to get rid of the pager.   Give me some rest.    I gotta figure out some kind of breakfast to bring to the team tomorrow also.  Maybe I'll just head to Tony's doughnuts... 
If I find some decent pics, I will have to post them.

Wednesday, February 22

Worst birthday ever?

you would think so by the way people doted on me yesterday.  Yes I was sick, and I felt like a 2 ton concrete truck ran over me, but it was good to spend the day with Lynn and Nate, holding him most of the day so Lynn could get some of the housework done.
Best part was going to Fortel's and hanging with the Family.  I played Ms. Pacman and got to the like 7th level or so. Stupid Blinkey kept getting me.
we had a taco pizza, which was a little different the previous taco pizza's, no taco sauce like Casey's.   Once again they got the order wrong and didn't give us Nacho chips but we had them correct that.    YEah, they may not get the order right, but their still good pizza.
Some items I got for my birthday:
  • Amy made me a bathrobe from scratch.
  • Sandy gave me a "Nate's Daddy" t-shirt along with a matching shirt for Nate.
  • Lynn got me a joystick for my computer, a mp3/cd player, a glossary on civil war stuff.
  • Hawkins' got me a card.  "Big Dill".  hehe
  • My mom's card is in the mail.....
Went back to work today and made it through pretty good.   I'm pretty congested though.  doesn't help that I wake up at 6.     I had to do some stuff for work from home this morning and my laptop was soooo slow.....    won't be able to correct it tonight because Broadwing can't get their act together.   seems they are going to be our Land Line solution for our terrestrial network.   Hope it goes good.

Tuesday, February 21

Sunday, February 19

It's a pandemic.

Well, turns out the whole household is sick.  except Jackson.  don't know if he ever comes down with anything except Limp Tail.
We just stuck around the house today.  I had to get out so I took Jackson to Petsmart.   Picked him up some "Natural" lamb and rice...   Arrghh.  Even my dog needs to be organically minded....
Oh well.
We had Bandana's tonight.  Best BBQ this side of the Mississippi River.  Just say that cause Josh sure loves them Smokey Bones...   
Tomorrow is Washington's birthday so I get the day off.  if it is anything like the other couple of days, probably won't do much.  I may try to sneak off to the Y though and get a cardio in since I won't be able to on Tuesday.
I thinks mes is going to go to bed now and finish the rest of my book.  Can't believe that i am finishing a 600 page novel in a weekend.

Saturday, February 18


one of the perks of being a Starbucks stock holder, is the annual share holder's meeting.  They send this big packet and proxy voting stuff in the mail, and this time they gave a generous $3.50 gift card to use for anything I want there...
Gee, if only I drank coffee.
Today was pretty much a waste.  Lynn wasn't feeling well so a lot of the things that were planned, I wasn't able to do.   I may just go out tonight by myself.  I need it.

Wednesday, February 15

I like to move it, move it (2 reviews)

Last night for Valentines, Lynn rented two movies, which I thought I would review.
They are Madagascar and In Her Shoes
Madagascar - it was funny in some parts but I was suprised at some of the language in the movie.  A lot of "Hecks" and "Dangs", one Sucks that I know of and even an elusion to "Hell".   Hmph.  guess Nate won't be watching it for a while.   All in all, I really didn't think much of it.  I expected more.  Thought the best part of the movie was the penguins and the monkeys "Well, of course we're going to throw poo at him! ".   hehe.   Other main characters weren't really that funny.   Don't really like Chris Rock and David Schwimmer ( I think he'll always be typecast as Ross ). Three Smileys ( 8) 8) 8) )
In Her Shoes - Stars Cameron "if you think that rape should be legal, then don't vote" Diaz.  Sheesh.  what do people see in her.  She thinks that if she parades around in her underwear...   whatever.  Actually the movie was a pretty good drama.  reminded me a lot of my sister.  only, we aren't Jewish.  Three Smileys ( 8) 8) 8).

Monday, February 13

Review - McDonald's Premium Spicy Chicken....

I picked one of these up for lunch today since I didn't have time to head back home for lunch.   
All i have to say.... Not as good as Wendy's.     Although they do use a different bun on it which adds a different touch..  It's a Honey Wheat Roll according to the website.  That sounds healthy?   Only 17 grams of fat....
Of course they try to intice me back by giving me a buy the sandwich, get a free fry and drink....   we'll see.   I have till the end of the month.

RMDS Bounce!

well, we bounced the RMDS tonight.    That's the quotes system at work.  It went pretty good.  we had some problems with the Major Market Symbols so we had to bounce the STICS again, but it all worked out for the best in the end.
I'm getting pretty tired right now so I need to get to bed.  I have 7:30 phone support tomorrow.  Hope the system doesn't decide to crash and burn...
Also, check out Lynn's Blog for an update on Nate and her...

mentoring 101

been helping Yanni this week learn all about Quotes and how to support them.  tonight we get to bounce the whole system to alleviate a problem. 
Reuters will be involved also.
Nate is just so cute.  He got a Valentine card from his G-ma & pa Starbuck along with a little money which we put into his bank.
I'll be taking Nate out tonight so Mom can get some rest from him.    He's had a cold lately, so he hasn't been himself.  

Saturday, February 11

more pics of nate... with chuck.



well, it is saturday.    please click here.  My wife needs more hits to her blog.   I had 61 this week, she had 10.    maybe that 61 is me though?   didn't know that you all were that interested in my life?
We are sitting here arguing about what to do today.  I chose last week so I think it is lynn's turn..
Maybe mine is accounted for the fact that I posted on Laura Thills blog.    I know she has a big readership.   
Nothing much else to say.  I'm going to post some pics of Nate and Chuck if I can find the camera...

Wednesday, February 8

Recent quotes

Recent Quotes heard around the Starbuck household
  • I changed him last time
  • I didn't do it.
  • What you doing?
  • He STILL hasn't updated it?
  • I JUST fed you.....
  • Oh buddy, your eyes are icky.

Tuesday, February 7

Good News!!!

Tonight heard that our friends Ben and Laura are expecting in Aug!    Congrats Ben and Laura....
This will be Vesta's second great grand as Lisa and Andy are also expecting.  
Seems like everybody is having babies now...

Pletheria of pink pompous pamphlets

OPened the mail today and all these pink fliers come out.    guess Valentine's day is coming again.  woo hoo.    
Had a pretty decent day at work today.  went to Syberg's for lunch today with the other folk on the Equity Comission project.    It was a dutch treat celebration lunch.  It was nice to sit with some 10+ year old timers with Jones and talk about old times.  I miss those.  It just isn't quite the same place it used to be.
Nothing on the slate for tonight.  Hope to get to the "y" and do a little cardio.  also need to delive to Ben some comics I picked up for him on Satrurday.  if he comes over to Vesta's that is.   
WEll, Lynn is making Taco's tonight.  Yumm. 

Sunday, February 5

Yakity sax.

Went to Super Bowl party at the Evans' tonight.   mostly watched the commercials.    I've always like the Benny Hill show, that just thought the sprint commercial was hilarious.    BH was pretty much a dirty old man though.  Hill's angels and all. yeah.
WEll, I got a lot done on Project Basement Reposession.   Just need to do some vacuuming and stuff to get the carpet clean.
Well, need to get ready for bed.

lazy sunday afternoon

just got done making  a pizza for lunch today. we were going to go to the McGhee's tonight but his grandmother has to have emergency surgery today so they won't be available, so we are going to Mark and Sally's.  should be fun for "the big game".
Nothing much else really on the books for today.  the basement is a disaster so I think I might go down there today and maybe move my shelves from the main area into the store room.    That will cleajn up the main area a little bit more.   Lot of stuff to move on those shelves though.
went to The Fantasy Shop yesterday with Lynn and they were having their big comic back issue sale.  I picked up about 80 for $30.   I'm packing them up and taking them downstairs for now.  I need a shelf to put them on and also need to get some short comic storage boxes to store them in also.
Well, can't do that If I am sitting here.

Some more pics of Nate

He's pretty much in the stick my fingers in my mouth stage.     At least no pacifier...

Friday, February 3

nuttin nu

well, nothing much new today.  missed my workout tonight.  will need to get up early tomorrow.
had a good solo time with nate tonight.   it is so cool to watch him develope, how he looks into my eyes, I can call his name and he turn his head.   wow.
i've got some big plans for me and nate tomorrow while lynn goes to her bs.   i'll just need to get him ready and out the door by 9:45.  have to check what time the place opens.
well, I am pretty beat from today.  I had phone support so I was in early, and I seemed to be chasing a lot of things.
Kandice had recommended a new guy for us to go to for our broker at edward jones.  his name is jerry zuckerman.  pretty cool to see his picture.  he's like totally NOT wearing a suit and tie.   kind of like his laid back personality.  
need to go there and open up Nate's college fund. 

Wednesday, February 1

Close your eyes. You can watch it that way

Well, Lynn got a VHS movie, Father of the Bride, from the library.  Turns out it was a DVS for the visually impaired so all of the actions were verbally described to the viewer.  she didn't like, I told her the title above, and she did NOT think me funny....
So I left and went to the Y.   Did 40 minutes on the recumbant bike.  watched the Biggest Loser during it, too.  The family from Peoria won.  Cool.  And Emily doesn't have diabetes.
Nothing really new today.  Lynn's mom came into town and I met them at Berkshire Grill.   I did my "i'm going to eat you" routine, which I got in trouble for.   Good to see Nate reachign out and grabbing stuff now.   He likes to grab my goatee.  Kind of cool, but then he digs his fingernails into my lip.  ouch.
Well, I gotta go back and work on Dividends again tomorrow.   I'm hoping that I can finalize my fixes and get them moving to move into production soon.