Saturday, March 31

Good Visit

Had a good visit with my sister today. She came around noon and we all just kind of hung out till around 7 or so.

Nate is quite the Connect 4 player. He can manipulate the checker and put it in the slot at the top. He usually chooses the correct slot to put it in also. I think, though, when he was playing on Amy's side, he would still favor me in his selections.

He got to ride in his trailer again today. That was fun. Not much else really to talk about. The day just seems like a blur cause it went by so fast.

Lynn did make a great pulled-pork sandwich fixins. We will have to make it again. Seems to have been Amy's favorite. Who knew?


Thursday, March 29

That's a Schwinner.....

Today, we got our connector for the railer that we bought on Sunday. It's a bike Trailer. Don't know if I had told you all about it earlier. A picture of it is below:

It's a pretty decent trailer. I put Nate in it and the fam, minus Jackson, went for a ten minute ride around the neighborhood. Got me sweating. Pulling Nate wasn't too much of a problem though. Helps to keep the tires aired up all the way. We'll have to test it out on the Katey Trail sometime.

Work is going better. I'm kind of stuck right now cause I need to have access to the application I will be referencing and no one seems to be able to help me get access. OH well. I think what we will need to do for it should be relatively simple though.

Lynn and I did some much needed lawn work tonight also. She mowed and I raked up some leaves. Nate just ran around. he's a little scared of the mower. Don't blame him.

WEll, don't have much else to say. Need to get cleaned up and ready for bed. Tonight is PBS night. Lynn and I will be watching As Time Goes By and Keeping up Appearances.


Tuesday, March 27

chubby cheeks

Lynn commented tonight about how Nate will run and when he does, he makes a sound. We think it is because of his cheeks flopping up and down. Kind of funny. We were at the library tonight, a place you don't want a toddler making a lot of noise, but I don't think anyone really minded too much. I took him over to the kiddie area and he kept bringing me over books, which I would open to show him the first page, he'd get bored and get another one. We didn't stay too long.

He's learned how to climb up the ladder on his Fischer Price slide in the front yard and go down it on his own. He gets confused sometimes and tries to take two steps at once. It's pretty impossible for him to do it since he doesn't have much leg muscles. Lynn and Nate went to the zoo today, and I met them for lunch at Krieger's. We had received a "free lunch" coupon from them because of our upcoming anniversary.

I think it's my year to plan something for the anniversary, but it just happens to fall on the weekend of Easter, so that is a little bit of a problem. Lynn's parent's will watch Nate that Saturday night, so hopefully we'll be able to do something then. I'll have to figure something out, right? That's the night prior to Easter, so I don't know what kind of openings there may be. Maybe we can just get a fancy smanchsy hotel room somewhere? Oh yeah, all our past anniversaries, we've spent in a B&B. I'll have to see.

Work is kind of a pain right now. I have to learn a lot of new things really quick. I'm working on a project with drifting requirements and a really short due date. I'm hoping that we can lock the requirements down really quick.

I've put my second item on eBay. It's a couple of Cardinal pins that I found from when I've been to some games with work, friends and such. only put 99 cents on them to start, so we'll have to see how it goes. Gave it 7 days.

Right now I'm eyeing some collector cards that I have to put out there. Don't know if they are really worth anything though.

Well, I gotta get ready to go to the Y tomorrow. I need to work a little harder, I've been waiting to go until 6:00 A.M. so I lose a good 1/2 hour of workout time, but it sometimes feels so beneficial to sleep the extra 1/2 hour also.


Sunday, March 25

Nate at the carnival.

In my last post, I talked about Nate going to the School Carnival for my elementary that I went to so many years ago. Just want to post a couple of pictures of Nate doing the various activities. We won the ring toss and got a Diet Dr. Pepper to bring home. Nate had a blast at the carnival and I can't wait to take him again some other time to do other games. My sister is helping him in all the pictures:

Duck Pond:
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Ring Toss:
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Saturday, March 24

Weekend at Grandma's

Giving Lynn a weekend to herself, Nate and I have headed up to Queen City to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. We've brought Aunt Amy and Mr. Dave with us also, so it has all been fun.

Today we got up and went to Kirksville and went to a couple of garage sales. My mom picked up Nate a three wheeler, which caused him almost to lose his feet, cause the back wheels are running over his feet. Also, it's pink. but it was cheap. So we can't complain. Maybe in a couple of months. He still needs to learn how to push himself off also. he likes to be pushed right now.

Also, we went to the Kirksville home show. It was an opportunity for us to sign up for lots of valuable prizes. I put down my mom's number also. One of the more interesting things we did at the home show was that we all ate worm's, except Nate. They were meeli worms that were deep fried. Kind of crunchy, and I think most of their innards were boiled out so it wasn't that disgusting. But it was an experience. Got the sticker to show for it.

Also spent an afternoon to sift through my grandfather's house. Learned some interesting things about anatomical structures of birds. Found a Caponizing kit and it had a picture of what they were doing in it, and I asked dad if this was a kit to clip chicken wings. He quickly corrected me. Honestly, never seen 2 chickens together, so I really never thought about it. I know that my sister did pose the question to our high school science teacher (Mr. McNabb, who we happened to see at the home show). I did find a beautiful case of coral and shells over at grandpa's and cleaned it up a bit, we'll see how much it goes for.

Gotta go, dad needs to use the computer.


Thursday, March 22

Spring Cleaning

I'm being lazy, Read Lynn's Blog post to see about what went on the past couple of days.


Sunday, March 18


Not much going on here. Yesterday we went garage saleing but it was mostly disappointing. We did get Nate some Biblical "Little Golden Books", and I found a cool game for $3. Tried loading it onto Lynn's laptop but it made a real racket in the CD player when loading. I guess when it has to read huge chunks of memory it just spins and causes some vibrations. I will need to try it again later. Messed up by taking the 2nd disk out before it was complete.

WE had some snow flurries down here yesterday. Looks like it will be warmer today, but still a bit chilly. Will be a good day for me to clean up a few straggling leaves and perhaps the garage guttering.

Below is a picture of Nate. He's started to let us know that he"Doesn't Know". Asking where the dog is or where something is, he does this sign. Pretty funny.

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Wednesday, March 14

Another Wednesday

Well, we had a good walk tonight, going around the neighborhood. we let Nate walk up the street and he fell down twice. Skinned his knee a little though. That's okay though. He's tough.

I'm realizing that I am pratically checking out the whole library here. Need to return a lot of books, and haven't even looked at a lot of them.

We are finally verified with PayPal so something on eBay should be insight soon. Maybe tomorrow night.

We're closing on the refinance on Friday. It's been a fast process. Everything worked pretty good and I'm glad that I work for such a great company that takes care of it's clients.

Well, gotta go.


Monday, March 12

#1 Chief!

Tonight, Lynn put Nate into his Chief's Jersey. He looks pretty cute in it. We once again went for a walk in the wagon with Jackson also throughout the neighborhood. Nate was pretty good, once again, until the end where he insisted on walking. All the better, cause it would wear him out quicker. Here's a picture I snapped of him.

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Hope you all made it through the daylight savings fun last weekend. Most of our clocks are set to the correct time. don't think my playstation, nor the VCR will reset themselves though. Thanks President Bush....


Sunday, March 11

Nate's newest Digs

Well, in my last post I mentioned that Aunt Amy got Nate a new tent. Well, I got a picture of it for you all to see. It was about bed time for him and I got this pic before he had to go down.

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I had to teach him that he needs to get on all fours to climb in. He thought that he could lift the thing up so the door went over his head, but that caused the support beam to hit him in the shins.

We took a walk today, I dragged him in the red wagon around the subdivision. It went quite nice. He enjoyed it.

We took our bikes to the bike shop for maintenance and repair. Should be done by Tuesday. we're out looking for a trailer to drag nate in though. Hopefully we can find one soon, otherwise, we might need to buy new. We'll see.

I bought a couple more shelves for the basement. Seems that "Operation: Basement Reclamation" seems to be an ongoing mission. Maybe I need a surge? hehe.

I finally finished the 6 book fantasy series that I was reading. It was pretty interesting and I hope to get to read some more based on that world. I've been searching eBay trying to find a lot of books, but they seem to go pretty expensively. Maybe if I get enough things sold on eBay I can get them. We'll see.


Saturday, March 10

Yard Sale-ing

Today, we went out yard sale-ing for the first time this season (I guess we did go to one last week). It was a pretty good day. List of things that we got:
  • Air hockey table for a buck
  • Tent for Nate
  • Book on Colin Powell (non-fiction type book I can read).
  • Book on state quarters and one on the presidents (good for nate for the future).
  • Games for computer (Who wants to be Millionaire and Wheel of Fortune.

It was a good time with my sister and Dave. They had a blast with Nate. We went to Sam's and they had the Step2 House. Basically, it was a playhouse for the outside. He had a blast playing in it. it was $438, so basically, he won't be getting it. He'll have to live with his tent and going to the park to play on stuff....

Here's some pics I took of him on his slide though with his Aunt Amy.
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Friday, March 9

Another funny thing

Leaving work today, a lady had her knee give out on the stairwell. I took her stuff to her car for her and then left her in the rain. Well, there were other people coming.

Lynn has updated her blog with a lot of stuff that is currently going on at our house. HOpe you all enjoy my new header on the blog. Thought it would be nice to show the "fam" up there, since they are "my world".


Thursday, March 8

Funny thing happened at work

Well, today was pretty non-eventful till the end of the day. There was a "hotline" that started because someone in Tempe was getting these trade drops on their printer and was thinking that they didn't belong there anymore. Turns out that a former employee from that department had moved to a trading area and was entering orders like crazy, but failed to change their printer, so all their stuff was dropping on the printer in Tempe. Took us a while to actually figure out what the guy was talking about.

Well, we attempted to put our first item on eBay but failed due to the fact that I don't have a "verified Pay-pal" account. I'll have to wait a couple of days to get that set up.

We are going to try selling one of the "Baby Wise" books that I have picked up from a yard sale. it's going for about a $1 on eBay in a used condition so it should be interesting to see how the whole eBay experience goes.

Yard saleing season is coming pretty quick. We'll need to hit them early this year. I think everyone likes to have them in April and May down here. Their pretty thin during the summer. Doesn't help when it's 110 outside to make it condusive to driving around long hours.

Well, I think I am going to go play the PS2 for a while.

Here's a picture of Nate from last night:
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Wednesday, March 7

Ma nah ma Nah

I just found this on the web. It's the song that is sung in one of the Dr. Pepper Commercials. Nate kind of likes watching it too.


Monday, March 5

Catsup, or Ketchup?

Nate is such a funny boy. Whenever we have ketchup on the table, he insists on having some put on his plate to dip stuff into and eat it. Well, I guess he does watch me and learn.
Do as I say and not as I do

Well, tonight we had meatloaf with green beans, and he proceeds to dip the green beans in the ketchup and eat it. Funny.

We had an appraiser come to the house today. Our news right now is we are getting the mortgage refinanced. I got to meet with a guy from work and it's been proceeding pretty quick. It's kind of like a whirlwind. I'm kind of used to the house buying proceedings, where you wait a month. We might have this all done in two weeks from the sound of it. Cool.

WEll, not much else to say. Lynn is off at Bible Study Fellowship tonight for the first time. I'll be going tomorrow. I've always heard it's lots of homework. HOpefully I can keep up with it....


Sunday, March 4

Trainy Day

So, my parents were down this weekend. so we didn't know what to do with them on Saturday so we had the thought of taking them up to Florissant and seeing the Candy Depot, which is a converted Train depot which is now a candy store. Kind of cool. Then we went down to Ferguson to see the depot down there. This one had been converted into a restaurant. It had a Thomas table that Nate thouroughly enjoyed playing with.

Had a good visit with my parents. Felt rushed though. It's a different dynamic when they come down without my niece of nephew, we kind of get lost in what to do. We did go over to a yard sale this guy had in an industrial park and were able to pick up a pretty decent file cabinet for $10. Thought it would fit in the closet but it is a bit wide, so we'll have to do some rearranging in the office to accomodate it.

Nate quite hasn't figured the whole thing out. He grabs the handle and pulls, but doesn't get it opened cause of the tab he is supposed to press in.

WEll, I've had some thoughts lately of trying to get some stuff sold on Ebay. We've got a LOT of stuff accumulating. Thought I could do a quick test try and sell a book that I picked up at a yard sale to see how that sells and to learn the process. Should be fun. Not expecting to get rich, just slim down the stuff factor. I'll be sure to keep you all in touch with what is happening, none the less.


Thursday, March 1

Felt that one

Biggest news right now seems to be the stock market correction. I've been getting into the habit of tracking on a spreadsheet the balances of all our bank accounts, retirements and Nate's college.

I can tell there's a "dip" on Thursday. But, I'm not worried. We have like another 30 years to grow it up to be a great nest egg.

We're meeting with a mortgage guy at work today to see if Ed Jones can give us a deal on a refinance on our current mortgage. We'll be going the 15 year fixed route. That should set us financially for a while.