Thursday, March 26


Couple weeks ago was my sister's birthday and she came over on a Tuesday night to celebrate. the grandkids were next door and Logan insisted on hanging out with Nate. I had a wheelbarrow out so that the kids could enjoy and they all climbed in and got to ride around.

Twins are doing good. Riley will take some more medical attention, you'll need to read Lynn's blog for details, but Jonathan came back from the orthepedic doctor with an all clear Just need to keep an eye on his developement in case there are more problems....


Monday, March 16

Bucket Seat

We went up to My parent's this weekend and went over to my brother's to visit. My nephew is rebuilding a truck, which Nate got to climb up into and play around in. He loved it. Brings new meaning to the term "bucket Seat".

16_UP_AT_THE_FARM 174 (Small)


Wednesday, March 4

Pic of Jonathan

Lynn took some pics of the boys yesterday so I got out there and made them B&W. Thought this was a good one of Jonathan. He's so wide-eyed and all.

03_Jon_Riley_Nate 023-1 (Medium)

Tuesday, March 3


Lynn made a post on her blog a couple of days ago, so I thought I better do an update here. Real quick cause I got to get to work...
28_Riley_and_Jonathan 124 (Medium)

Here's a picture of the boys from Friday night. We took them downstairs and were trying to get some pics of them. They flail their arms so much that most of the pics look like they are punching each other...

Nothing much else new, other than what Lynn put in her blog..