Saturday, July 26

Out of the wilderness

Guess I haven't updated in a while. I apologize. Nothing really that exciting been going on. The DVD player got jammed and Lynn has taken it up to Love TV Sales & Service in Bridgeton, Missouri. WE are all getting ready to head up North for Pioneer days again. We missed last year because of a friend's wedding and are excited about this year. Lynn and Nate will be heading up early to go prepare and I'll be riding up with Mr. Dave on Wednesday night.

We've been getting a little more rain here lately. We never got anything planted in the front flower area in front of the porch so I'm trying to grow a little grass. It wasn't the same seed that I used for the back yard (I grew up pretty fine, but some of it got a little scorched with the heat, hopefully it will come back).

We went to PWYC last night at Grace. Only about 12 people showed up. Made the group kind of nice to all sit with. Summer's seem to mess up everybody's schedule. We are learning people's names though.

Well, I need to go. I'm taking Nate out yard saleing this morning to give Lynn some free time, then I have friends coming over tonight.


Monday, July 21

Baby Update from Jason

Check out Lynn's Blog for a Baby Update! Guess I'm too lazy to type it all out myself...


Sunday, July 20

Fun in the Pool

We've had a little inflatable pool set up in the front yard for Nate to enjoy during these hot days. I got the slide out today and put it in there and let him go at it. He loved it. I made this video for you all to enjoy also...

Nate in the Swimming Pool from jason starbuck on Vimeo.


Saturday, July 19

Party on the Indoor Playground

Last night we took Nate to a birthday party for a friend of ours' son.

It was a good time. It took place at a church that had an indoor playground for kids.

Nate had a blast (like he usually does). We had the place from 6:30 TO 8:30. I got to do a lot of climbing around with him also. We would climb through all the set together, I would help him up through some of the holes.

By the end of the night, Nate was climbing through all the holes and up and down all the obstacles.

He was amazing. He even was able to go down the BIG slide all by himself. Picture to the left is him sliding down. He was wearing his "woolies" so when he was on his bottom, he REALLY flew.... He also loved going down with me also.

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Thursday, July 17

Daddy Nate time

This last Tuesday, Lynn went up to Springfield for the Day so Nate and I were left to our own devices. We both woke up a little late and then I took him into my work so I could pass off the pager to the next guy. Everyone at work loved to see him. Then I took him over to the park, at Creve Couer lake. He enjoyed climbing on the playground. He's become quite the brave boy to climb up some pretty strange "ladders".

Here he is climbing some disks:
WaterFunJuly08 005 (Medium)

I had to help him when he got to the top since you have to go about 3 feet vertically a t the top to get to the main playground piece of equipment.

Monday night, He wanted to go to a "mall". So I took him over to St. Louis Mills. He played a little on the playground and then we went to the toystore so that he could play Thomas. I think there is some kind of natural laxative effect with that place, cause that boy ALWAYS unloads when we are there. I had to take him into the family bathroom and change him. Turned out that he did it twice to me also, guess he wasn't done the first time.

While we were getting ready to leave, I got caught by this "survey company". they would give me $2 to watch a movie preview and give my opinion. It was for The Rocker. Wasn't really a movie that I would go see, so I reviewed it pretty bad. But we got our $2 and I used that to buy Nate a ticket on the train. He loved it. We rode in the back and it looked like the engine was having a bit of trouble pulling me... Oh well.

We got a busy weekend. A birthday party Friday night, and then helping friends move Saturday morning. Rest of day is clear though..

Here's a pic that Lynn took of Nate playing in the water.

WaterFunJuly08 008 (Medium)


Monday, July 7

1/4 and the rest of the weekend

We all had a good weekend with the Fourth. Friday morning we headed up to Lynn's parent's in Springfield and spent the day there. We took Nate out fishing at their subdivision pond. We had to take him away after about 15 minutes because he kept insisting on throwing rocks into the pond. That's against subdivision rules. Prior to that, him and the cousins all threw snaps on the driveway and Nate loved them. I stepped on them with my bare feet. Kind of weird feeling.

WE pretty much had worn Nate out, since he didn't take a nap. So he went to bed and we went over to Lynn's brother's to watch fireworks in downtown Springfield. The display down there was average, we had to move since their was a huge government building in our way.

We came home Saturday and met up with my sister that afternoon. We went over to St. Charles to purchase some fireworks. Would think they would be discounting stuff, but their wasn't much. We got Nate some snappies, snakes and race cars with some fountains. Nate loved watching them all go off. One of the race cars didn't work right and blew up and burned in two. The other worked great.

Sunday, we had worn Lynn completely out so she stayed home while Nate and I went to church. We saw a couple of friends and I got my ticket to next weeks Men at the Cross event.

We told Ms. Tracy about our twins and she freaked...

I then took Nate swimming at the Y and we played for an hour or so. I even went back again during his Nap to get in sometime on the elliptical. After Nate's nap, we walked to the blue park. We took a new way back, sneaking through a water washout and up a steep hill to walk through the school grounds to a small path between houses into the subdivision. Nate insisted on picking up Rocks and Leaves and such to put into his dump truck....

I got my computer back. Gary was able to reset the configuration so it is working again. We'll see how it performs. Hasn't froze up yet....

Here's some pics of our weekend.

DSC05586 (Small)
The cousins...

DSC05569 (Small)
Nate walking down the steps.


Wednesday, July 2

I killed it!

I think our PC has been slowly dieing, it's been freezing up. Last night I rebooted it 3 times, and this morning when I got up early, I had rebooted about 6 times, in a row. one time, It asked if I wanted to convert to a previous config version that worked. I thought, hey, what could happen.

Well, it booted okay, but now it won't connect to the internet or print. I have a guy at work that is offering to look at it.

Nate and I went out for his Cheese Soup today. I had to get to the post office really quick. My work had given out these Stan Musial "Statues" for some kind of special occasion. I really have no interest in baseball, so I sold it on ebay for $35. I wanted to get it in the mail as soon as possible. she'll probably get it tomorrow.

Well Nate is done with his ice cream so I better go after him.