Saturday, December 27

Christmas Update

Well, it is raining cats and dogs outside. It's just crazy. Got some pics from Christmas that would like to share:

I picked up a bone at Walgreens for Jackson and he was really excited about going outside with it to chew it up, but we aren't letting him go since it is raining...
26-ChristmasDay 021 (Small)

Vesta gave Nate some Play Clay:
26-ChristmasDay 001 (Small)


Wednesday, December 24

It's so big!

I watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid with Nate yesterday and it was about looking at things with Magnifying glasses. I decided to get out my grandfather's magnifying glass and let Nate use it a little. He kept going around saying "Wow! It's so big!". He was just in such awe. It was amazing...

Here's some pics of him examining his gingerbread house.

24-Magnifying-glass 004 (Small)

24-Magnifying-glass 001 (Small)


Tuesday, December 23

Waiting for Santa

Nate and I stayed home today. they talked freezing rain all day but nothing really panned out that much. It's rained, but I guess If I was out in it, I might say differently.

Nate has really wanted to open his gifts. I've drawn him a picture of a present and we've been crossing off nights so that Nate knows when he can open his presents. We'll see.

I changed my theme to my blog once again. Don't know why I like the sad fish...

I made pizza tonight using the recipe from here for the dough. Guy claims to have the world's best pizza dought and it wasn't half bad. I was able to roll it out without using any flour. That may have been because I let it sit out to rise for an hour or so. Enjoyed punching down the dough also. May need to show Nate how to do that also.

Well, I gotta go.


Sunday, December 21

Gingerbread House

On Saturday we had Christmas with Lynn's Family. It was fun. Nate got a RC car that he's loving to play with. AT the end of the day, I brought up a ready made Gingerbread house kit that we bought on clearance last year. Since he saw it, Nate has wanted to build it, so we got to working on it Sunday morning. I assembled most of the structure and "poured" the icing for him, and let him stick the candies on. He didn't bother to eat any of the candies, which is fine, cause the whole mess is like expired (won't be eating it...).

Decorating a gingerbread tree:
GingerBreadHouse08 007 (Small)

Completed product:
GingerBreadHouse08 012 (Small)

Looking through the front window:
GingerBreadHouse08 019 (Small)


Saturday, December 13

Winter Wonderland 2008

Today we all went up to my work again for Winter Wonderland 2008. Nate got his picture with Santa and we go to make a lot of crafts and such. Here's some pics from the day:

Nate with Santa. One that he isn't Crying...
WinterWonderLand08 029 (Medium)

Nate made a ruler Snowman also:
WinterWonderLand08 034 (Medium)

And he got to make some Reindeer Antlers also:
WinterWonderLand08 039 (Medium)

Got a pic from last year's where he made his Antlers also:
WinterWonderland2007 021 (Medium)
He had named him "Dasher" cause he tended to "dash" back and forth everywhere that day. thankfully everything was pretty contained back then.

Here's a link to Winter Wonderland 2007.


Saturday, December 6

How much have I changed in the past 8 years

My niece ashton did this survey on MySpace on how you have changed in the last 8 years. Basically, they started with questions on work/school and stuff and did the 8 years, 4 years ago and now time periods. I started doing it until I realized that all my answers were the same......

Oh well..


Monday, December 1


It snowed here on Sunday morning so I took Nate out for a while before church so he could enjoy it. We worked together and made the snowman pictured below:

Snow1130 007 (Small)

It fell over like 10 minutes later, so there isn't much left to show now. He had his little cozy coupe out there also, and I pushed it into the yard so it looks like it ran into the snowman.

Here he is playing with Cole the neighbor. I think Cole had been throwing snowballs at him so that is why he is covering his face:
Snow1130 003 (Small)

lastly, we've set up the house partially for Christmas, have some more work to do. Lynn got Nate his own Christmas tree and here he is posing in front of it:

Snow1130 002 (Small)