Tuesday, July 31

It's my gun...

So, I get a call from my nephew last night. When I was young and wild I bought a paintball gun. I didn't use it too much. It was a splatmaster pistol. He wants it. But unfortunately, I've already taken it down her to St. Louis and was planning on selling it on eBay. he might shoot his eye out anyways.

Horror of horrors..... Nate said "Barney" tonight. WE were over at Vestas and she had a Barney clothe book and Lynn was showing it too him and showed him Barney and said Barney and he said Barney. sheesh. Hopefully, that is a word he will quickly forget...

Other than that, here are some pics I took of Nate recently. I got him a couple of Thomas videos last weekend and he got a Thomas overnight bag, with a handle and all. He can take it to the airport if he wants too.

Here Nate is watching a Thomas video at his desk:
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Here he is in the Spider-man costume I got him also (sorry it is all blurry. he moves fast):
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Wednesday, July 25


Noticed today in the bathroom that Lynn has placed a bottle of mustard on the back of the toilet. I know with us doing clothe diapers, that is usually where she cleans the more solid ones. Guess that brings a whole new meaning to Grey Poupon, or should I say Poop-on?

Actually, that sounds like one of the stories I read in Reader's Digest or something where a family was out to dinner with their new born and the dad saw that he had spilled some mustard, and swiped it up with his finger and put it in his mouth, only it wasn't mustard....

We almost had a similar experience last night. AT the dinner table, Nate had a messy and it leaked out and he got it on his hand unbeknowest to us. It took Lynn smelling it to discover what it was... Ugh!

Well, enough talk about Poop. Hope you all have a good evening. I'm going to the airport tonight to pick up a friend.


Monday, July 23

Corn on the cob

We went up this weekend to my parents because on Sunday we had a family reunion on my mom's side to go to. Nate, as usual, had a blast. He was most upset on Friday night when we got up there to find out that my brother had parked a big wagon of straw in the Morton right in front of the four wheeler and the Mule, so neither could be ridden that night. My dad took us out in the truck though and showed us the hay. He has a new bailer and was extoiling the virtues of all it could do. All he has to do is stop and push a button, pretty much does everything else for him. He has to break some old habits with his old bailer also.

Nate had corn on the cob for this first time this weekend. We got it from my parent's garden. Also, Jackson encountered his first electrical fence, and probably will not be visiting the corn patch in quite a LONG time.

Here's a pic of Nate eating the corn:

And another:

We also got our picture taken at the family reunion. Here is us at Marr Park outside Washington, IA.

Also, got Nate's picture taken with his Great, Great-aunt Pat. She saw him a year ago over Labor day and we'll be printing this one out to send to her. That's my mom in the pic also holding Nate.

I'm trying out the Google Web Album for these pictures, so I don't know how they will turn out. We'll have to see. Hope all is going well for everyone.


Saturday, July 21

Complete Waste of Time

Was searching for the Incredible Machine on the web and came upon this video. the ending jingle is a little annoying and someone had WAY too much free time. Oh well.

I also like the following which is done with all parts from a Honda minivan. Pretty cool. Read that it all happened right on the first take, amazing...


Wednesday, July 18

Not my Baby

Last night, Nate and I went over to Miss Vesta's for the evening and all her great grands were there too. Logan had a blast in the Cozy Coup. I've posted pictures below of other people's babies, and then some of Nate also:

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This is Logan

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This is Sarah, I think, or her twin Hannah. I've not figured them out yet.

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Monday, July 16

Nate's new word "Baby"

Nate is saying "baby" now. I've started a list at the left of all the words he can say and has said. It's a little difficult to get some of them out of him sometimes.

My sis and Dave came up tonight and we went to the Mills to hang out. Nate had plenty of ice cream at Casa so he was quite wound up. He was everywhere.

One funny thing he did today was he made a really funny face. He would squint his eyes and his jaw would start twitching like he was shivering. We were all rolling on the floor. We were kind of concerned cause we thought he might be having a seizure or something.

Not much else going on. Will be good to get some sleep tonight.


Sunday, July 15

Good weekend

Had a pretty decent weekend. Nate and I got up Saturday and headed out yard saleing. Just did the ones around Maryland Heights and didn't really venture too far. I got him a playground ball, just needs a little air. Also, got more Lincoln Logs for him to play with. Like I don't have enough already. These were castle themed, though. My big find was that I found some of the fantasy books I enjoy for 10 cents a piece. Guess I can read then and then resell on eBay for a profit later. Not bad.

After we got back, we tried putting him down for nap and he refused to go to sleep. I went in about 3:30 and found out that he had moved his crib over and had open the curtains half way. Put him to bed again, closed the curtains and he slept until 5:30. Then we went out the Nick and Elena's for some delicious pizza.

I got home and just crashed. bed at 8. pitiful. Guess I'm getting old.

Played with Nate a little today, and then at 4:30, we are going to a 1 year b-day party.Going to be a bunch of those coming up soon that we will be going to.

Thursday, July 12

Getting Nostalgic

Back when I was Nate's Age, my dad had purchased a 1960's vintage 8mm camera and took about a half hour video of life back then. There is some good video of me walking around and it looks just like Nate walks now. Funny thing is my dad is quite the tinkerer and he loved to speed up and slow down the camera. So, I thought I would try my hand at it also, thus the result is the following video:

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I got an e-mail today that pointed out my lack of postings on the blog. I guess there are several reasons for that, and I won't go into all of them. Basically have been busy with stuff. With it being summertime, Nate is staying up a little later then normal. And we're trying to conserve some energy so the air isn't on all the time so I go downstairs to keep cool. Also, trying to get to bed earlier so that I can get up early for the Y. I've gone three times this week, missed today. Will definitely go tomorrow. We are going swimming at the MH swimming pool tomorrow for a children's church worker appreciation thing.

Well it is getting to be 9 and Keeping up Appearances is going to be on.

I'll leave you with a pic of me and Nate reading a Thomas the Train book together...

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Saturday, July 7

Yard Saleing morning

Nate and I headed out this morning for some yard Saling. They are really starting to dwendle down a lot lately. It's hot I guess and they've already happened this year.

Yesterday, Had a plumber over and he fixed the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink also. NOw that the valve is fixed on teh sink, I can seriously think about fixing the dripping hot water faucet. Need to figure out what seal to get though.

Here's a pic of nate we took the other day. He isn't really into Hat's quite yet but I guess soon will be...

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Tuesday, July 3

Pre Holiday Business

Lynn's parents came down today and we went all over St. Louis county it seemed. hunting for Chuck some boots, at Chuck's Boots and other places. He found some shoes at BPS. (Bass Pro). Went to Cabela's also. Nate was up till about 4 so he has slept a little short time and just seems right now to be getting up. Guess we'll need to hunt for dinner...