Thursday, November 27

Thanksgiving Parade

Took down this morning to the St. Louis Thanksgiving parade. It had tractors, balloons and marching bands. Nate's favorites were the Balloons and the tractors. and the occassional firetruck. It was a pretty decent production. ONly down side is that since they were broadcasting on TV, every 10 minutes the parade would just stop. We got some good antics from Fredbird (the baseball Cardinals mascot) and got to see the Moolah Shriners drive those really small cars.

Here's some of the tractors:
ThanksgivingParade08 070 (Small)

Nate in his Liberty Crown.
ThanksgivingParade08 053 (Small)

The Waterloo German Band Float. I saw this thing on I-55 like two months ago coming home from Springfield. Lynn was asleep when we past it so now I have photographic evidence...
ThanksgivingParade08 045 (Small)

Fredbird. He got stopped and picked on the parade official. It was funny.
ThanksgivingParade08 077 (Small)

this was as giant shopping cart following Fredbird.
ThanksgivingParade08 080 (Small)

a firetruck:
ThanksgivingParade08 084 (Small)

Space shuttle.
ThanksgivingParade08 094 (Small)

Nate with his parade beads.
ThanksgivingParade08 009 (Small)

Louie the Lightning Bug, the AMeren UE mascot. To the right you can see the Red Bull girls. they just came out and passed out Red Bull to everyone. Louie was quite excited to get his Red Bull. He passed it on to the woman standing behind him.
ThanksgivingParade08 027 (Small)

It was a fun morning. We'll have to go again sometime. Some of my pics didn't turn out that great cause we were going into the sun.

Found this on YouTube, sure brings back memories:


Sunday, November 23

Trains and Dogs

Nate has been recently building his track layouts on the floor instead of on the train table. Here's a layout that i helped him with some time back and Jackson decides it's the perfect place to lay.

TrainTrack 004


Saturday, November 22

I don't think they really float around like that.

I've had the Widget on the right showing the babies progress for the past 6 months. Looking at them today, I don't think it's a true representation of what is going on in there. Are they really floating around so freely?

Sunday, November 16

Merry Tossmas

Mouse posted this on her Facebook so I thought I would post also..


Thursday, November 13

My Life, Rated

Got this off Laura's Blog
So I thought that I would bite. Look like I don't have much of a life though...


This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Tuesday, November 11

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Today is Jackson's 7th birthday. We all did the typical thing for him. Lynn took him down to Three Dog Bakery and bought him a "birthday cake". He Inhaled the thing.

No real news to share on our front. Lynn is still pregnant, the doctor said we could be holding babies in 5 to 6 weeks, which means around Dec. 15th. That's panicked us a bit as we rush to get all ready for the baby. Lynn had bought a stroller off Craig's List but we found out it wasn't compatible with our kid's seats so we had to go and post it right back on again. Hopefully it will sell quickly. I thought that we could deal with two strollers until I have to go back to work at least. Maybe we'll get another bite on craig's list that will do us good.

nate has been all about watching movies and eating his Candy lately. We've had to restrain him a lot regarding that though. He handling it fairly well. He's also in a throwing stage right now also. We'll have to nip that one in the bud.

I am finely winding down at work on the project that i have been working on by myself for the last year. On the 20th, I will be implementing the front end and then I'll have to get some of the backend fixed up also. Hopefully that will all get wrapped up before baby time...

Well, I think nate needs some one on one time. I'll post pics of Jackson later.


Saturday, November 1

halloween '08

Well, Nate had a grand ole time last night doing Trick or Treats. He was pretty brave in walking up to the houses by himself and knocking on the doors, but was a little confused on saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You".

On Thursday night we did the annual pumpkin carving:
pumpkins08 002 (Medium)

From left to right they are: Nate's pumpkin ( I showed him some template's and he chose the Cat, not one of the easier ones), Mine ( it's the tin woodman) and Lynn's.

Here's a closeup of my cat:
pumpkins08 003 (Medium)

So then, Last night My sister Amy and Mr. Dave came by to help me take Nate out Tricks or Treats. Lynn stayed home to pass out candy (she got to take him to downtown St. Charles to get some candy).

Nate dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine (there was another kid following us that had the same costume, but didn't have the Thomas bucket).
Halloween08 005 (Medium)

Mr. Dave dressed up as the Fat Controller, although he said that he looked more like Rich Uncle Pennybags (It's the buy from the game Monopoly).
Halloween08 014 (Medium)

Amy Dressed as the Purple Grape of the Fruit of a Loom Guys: She got the most comments of the three.
Halloween08 016 (Medium)

Alas, I didn't dress up though. Maybe next year....