Monday, February 25


Well, it's Monday again. It's going to be a short week again since I am going to be taking Friday off and Lynn and I will be heading to KC. Hope we can take the time to stop off to see the Home of Sliced Bread... But, I don't have much say in it all. Lynn has planned this for me so It should be fun.

We're getting Lynn's van fixed for the trip. Needs new shocks and such. Not that Missouri Roads are that bouncy or anything.

I made about $32 in sales on eBay tonight. I put up a bunch of novels tonight also. I bought a big box of books for $75 off ebay a while back so I could get about 6 books out of it that I would like to read. Hoping if I put them back out in smaller lots, I should be able to get them sold and make the money back. And more...

I've got to do some testing tonight for work. they are switching out some servers for upgraded hardware, seems that we've been doing some REALLY good business lately so we need to upgrade. Good to know that. I volunteered to help out Gary at work also and test his stuff also. He was kind of flustered about some administrative issues today so I thought I would help him out.

Well, Not much else to say. Leave you all with a pic I took of Nate yesterday after we got home from church. Lynn had gotten this sweater a while back and I thought he should try wearing it once before the weather gets warmer and/or he grows out of it. Suprising how much the boy grows.

If you look closely, he is holding a Sally Porsch from Disney's Cars. Sally is currently MIA. We have NO idea where should could have gone....

BeforeAfterPics 069

Saturday, February 23


So at the gym, I have a pair of Nike Sandals that I wear in the locker room so I don't pickup any nasty stuff off the floor. Needless to say, after getting wet, they've been stinking a little bit so I decided to give 'em the best wash down I could, so I put them in the dishwasher with the regular dishes. They're cleaning right now. Is this gross? Don't tell Lynn I did this.... Vote below!


Wednesday, February 20

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Anyone see the lunar eclipse tonight? I tried to take a picture of it with my camera, but don't think it really had turned out that great. I'll have to take an after picture for you all so you can see what the moon really looks like (Like it is any different here in St. Louis then anywhere else).

Lynn had a girls night out tonight so I took Nate to the Y and we went Swimming. I also took him out to Dinner at Krieger's. Because of my impending B-day, They had sent me a $10 gift Certificate to enjoy, so we went out together. He behaved pretty good. Got a little antsy at the end and the waiter was so helpful in getting the bill out quickly.

Thankfully,I was able to keep him occupied in the locker room while we were changing. They have a family changing room that gives you plenty of room to work. Nate likes to run over and open the door while I'm dressing, but giving him the padlock from my gymbag kept him pretty occupied.

In honor of Bonnie Tyler and Nicki French and the Lunar Eclipse (last one till Dec 2010), I'm posting their "Total Eclipse of the Heart" videos ....

Here's one by a gal named Jan Wayne... (she's German). More techno beat then the Nicki French version...

Well, I need to go pack, we're heading out of town this weekend to a undisclosed location (honestly, Lynn has planned something and we are going somewhere and I am so in the dark.)


Tuesday, February 19


For Valentine's, My parents got Nate a card with some money in it so we went to Wal-Mart and we let him choose a Disney's Cars toy. He chose "Sherrif". The choices were kind of lacking. I think we missed the first couple of runs of the "normal" toys. Now they are putting out repaints of everything. We'll have to keep our eyes out for a tarnished "Mater".

BooksTrilogies 054


Monday, February 18

Blustery Day

It's been a little windy around here. Sunday Morning woke up to find that a small branch had fallen off the maple in the front yard. Came back from church and it looked like a larger branch had fallen off also, someone dragged it back into the yard it appeared. I went out today and put it all into one lawn bag, so I guess it wasn't THAT big. Although, it was pretty rotted out. Guess we'll need to get rid of that tree eventually.

We all went to Wal-Mart today, I have the day off for Washington's Birthday. Just as a little factoid, the official holiday title is "Washington's Birthday". I think someone felt sorry for the other 42+ saps and felt they all should be honored. Sometimes I wonder why? Guess it is all personal opinion.

Jackson is going in for his Annual checkup this afternoon. It's sort of a last minute thing since I'm home and we all can get Nate watched in the meantime and such. vet asked for a "sample" of his "output" to check for worms, So I had to follow him around till he did his deed. I guess number 2 isn't as bad as trying to collect number 1. Lynn had to do that earlier for something, and I remember my old roommate had to get a sample from his female bulldog for a test also. I think we found out he bulldog was diabetic or something strange like that. It didn't last another year, unfortunately. Cute dog though.

I sold about 15 items on ebay last night. worth about $150. Most of the people have paid, so that's good. Waiting for 4 right now, one of my items is $45, so I hope it gets here quickly. I had sold a book three weeks ago for $63 and the guy never contacted me to sell. I had some guy e-mail me this week with a -1 feedback begging to let them bid. I declined. Told them last guy scarred me for life. Especially when the last guys defense to his neg feedback was that "he didn't know he had to pay"? Um.. yeah...

Nothing really planned for tonight. Maybe I can talk Nate and Lynn into going to the Y and going swimming. It's my birthday week so i should be able to do whatever I please, right?

Got out of Lynn what my BIG B-day surprise is... we are going up to my parents' this weekend. Sounds like there will be some Nate-Free time involved in that also, so that makes me curious. Funny, she was talking on the phone to her mom how calm I am in not knowing what is up, but I do wonder. I'm just a little more calm/collected about it...

I decided on Carrot Cake for my B-day. Cream cheese frosting also.

Well, I need to go.

Saturday, February 16


BPPV, that is what V has been diagnosed with. It's an inner ear thing and appears to be treatable. she should be coming home within the week.


Friday, February 15


In 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark began their journey up the Missouri River at the confluence of the two great rivers of North America, the Missouri and Mississippi. Today, visitors can watch as the Big Muddy and Mighty Mississippi merge into one at Edward "Ted" and Pat Jones - Confluence Point State Park.

So that is where we all ended up today. I took Nate up with my sis and Mr. Dave. It was funny cause I kept talking about it and my sister had no idea what it actually was.

I got a couple of pictures of Nate standing there. in the first you can see Nate standing at the acutual confluence point. The Missouri is on his Left, Mississippi on the Right. There is a lot more ice coming from the Mississippi side. Missouri was a lot more calmer.

Confluence 012

It was a little windy out there and cold, so My sister gave Nate her gloves to wear. He looked a little ridiculous with them on...
Confluence 014

Here's an aerial view of the confluence from the MO State Parks website:


Funeral Preperations

My sister had to put down her Vietenamese Pot belly pig yesterday. He was having issues with his abdomen so it was decided to best put him down. she picked him up today and will be taking him back to the farm to bury.

I'm home alone with Nate right now. Lynn is up helping her family move to Springfield, IL. It's been a slow morning. My sis is coming by and we are all going to go to CiCi's for lunch. Nate love's the place. At least I still think he does. He used to Say "Cici's, Aunt Maimee". It was cute. He'll love it though. I think I have a coupon also so we can make it REALLY cheap to go.

Hoping that my eBay auctions will produce a little jink this time around. Already have $85 in bids. That's only on 8 items. One auction is the ceramic light switch covers that came for Lynn's parent's house. it has a bid for $5.50 right now, and has about 6 people watching it. Cool! Lynn told that it isn't my money though. 8(.

oh well.

Gotta get Nate ready for when Aunt Amy gets here...


Sunday, February 10

Ragamuffin Speaker

My friend Bruce shared this video with me. It is from Brennan Manning, author of the Ragamuffin Gospel and other works.

Basically, it talks about our view of God, that we sometimes make God to small, casting him in our own image. I'm guilty of that, as I'm sure other people are also. This was a good video, recommend it if you can watch it..

Had another good day with the family. Nate has been extremely needy lately. Wants to play with us all the time. he either wants to watch christmas snoopy, play trains or "Chase you". I try to oblige as much as possible, but sometimes, I just need my me-time. (are you allowed that as a parent?).

Here's a pic I took during lunch. Nate had Oatmeal for the second time today. Notice that Lynn puts the bib on. I didn't this morning and he had oatmeal all over the front of his jammy bottoms. Unfortunately, that meant there were clumps of oatmeal on the kitchen floor also. Good thing we have Jackson!

NAtePlaying Feb 10 001

If you noticed my new look, it's because the old one was cutting off the pictures that I am pulling from flickr. I thought this might show them a little better. It's a little plain, but I hope with some of my knowledge of HTML and such, I can dress it up.


Saturday, February 9

Hanging with Mr. Nate

So, today, Lynn went off to a PartyLite party at a church friends I was at home with Nate. He's recovering, no fever right now though. We did a lot of playing with Weebles, again, and did not give into watching anything on TV, except for a little bit of Veggie Tales and Jane and the Dragon (mostly on the second one cause I wanted to see it. They were going boar hunting and Dragon convinced Jane to "save the boar". Must be some kind of liberal message hidden in there. Hunting for sport... Evil...).

When Lynn got home, she released me, but I had nowhere to really go so I just drove around aimlessly and got home much to early for her tastes... I hear Nate coughing in the next room so he might be reviving soon.

Here's a pic I took of Nate this afternoon, right before Nap Time. He's listening to his Thomas tape... You can tell he's definitely starting to fall asleep here.

NateOnCouchFeb09 019


Thursday, February 7

The good husband

Lynn got to go to her Reba Concert tonight. She said it was awesome and told me "thank you" for it. Glad she liked it. Although, sounds like she was sitting next to quite the interesting lady next to her. Must be from Jeff Co...

Well, not much else to say. HAve to post more this weekend.

Update on prayer Request. V has some kind of inner ear thing going on which caused her to loose her balance. Docs are keeping her a couple more days for tests and stuff...


Tuesday, February 5

Prayer Request

Please see Lynn's Blog for a Prayer request that we have and some information on the interesting morning we had....

We heard from V's Son today and she is recovering in the hospital and will probably come home in the next couple of days. Just need to do some tests...


Sunday, February 3

Giants in the land...

Congrats go the the NY Giants for the Super Bowl win. We had a SB party at our place and it was pretty fun. 9 kids 4 and under. Nate had a blast with them.

I'm stuffed with all the good food. Need to get to bed.