Sunday, May 23

Riley and Jonathan in the Strawberry Patch


Went to pick Strawberries yesterday at Theis Farms. Got this pic of the boys walking the rows.
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Wednesday, May 19

Boys in the Morning.


Our friend Tiffani posted about what her 7 AMs were like. Here's a video of ours...
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Twins in the morning


Video of the Twins screaming during the morning.

Untitled from jason starbuck on Vimeo.



Went to Red Robin today for Lynn's birthday and picked up some baloons for the boys. Jon's flew away out in the parking lot so Lynn got him another one. They loved them.
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Monday, May 10

I wore them out

Lynn comes home tonight. Took this picture of the 3 of them all laying on Jackson's bed. They really didn't last very long there, though. I remember Nate falling asleep on a pillow in the back room when he was two. Got some pics of that also.


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