Monday, April 28

Bit of traveling

WE headed up to Springfield, IL this weekend to celebrate LYnn's Parent's Anniversary. It was a good time... A lot of food to eat. I made the mistake of having a QuikTrip corndog the night before, so I thought I might end up like Lynn did last weekend.
I don't think the hot dog in the middle should be brown.. Supposed to be pink, aren't they????

Been raining around here and the temp has drastically dropped. Looking to freeze tonight.

I think the Dodge Van may have had it. We're thinking that the CV joint is going out. I will take it by the dealership tomorrow and see about getting an estimate to fix. If it is too high, probably need to think about another car.

WEll, I need to start getting stuff ready for tomorrow. I've been trying to pack up all my work clothes the night before and then I go straight from the Y to work. It helps me in that If I sleep too late, I don't have an excuse not to go to the Y in that I can do a shortened workout but still get to work at a reasonable hour. Just tomorrow I HAVE to get there early so we can drop the car off to be looked at.

Not much else to report. Next weekend looks totally clear of any commitments so that will be nice to relax. May be doing car shopping. May try to see if Lynn will let us take Nate Wednesday night....

Will need to post more pictures of the little guy... I took him to Steak and Shake tonight and we shared a Strawberry shake. He got some in his hair... He was a mess afterwards, but he cleaned up. we played a little afterwards, but he must have fallen down cause he was filthy all on his front....


Monday, April 21

Nite at the Park

Lynn headed off to her sewing class tonight so Nate and I hoped on the bike and trekked up to the Park. They was a little girl there a little younger then Nate and they would take turns going down the slide. He had fun. He also ran three times around the track they have that goes around the park. I'm hoping he's a tired boy but it is 9:30 and I think I have heard him banging on the wall in the other room. May have to have an intervention...

We all had a good weekend. Lynn was sick on Sunday so I spent most of the day hanging with Nate. During his nap I filled in a hole in the back yard that always floods with water when it rains. I got some grass seed at our local hardware store and planted it. HOpefully it will fill out nicely. I placed a fence around it so that Jackson won't be trying to dig in it. I think it should work. I'm just worried about my sister's LBDs (Little Black Dogs) that come over from time to time. Lucky likes to dig....

Well, I will leave you with a couple pictures of Nate at the park....

ParkDayApril21 013

ParkDayApril21 011


Growing up in a small town

I think most of my readers grew up in a small town so this would resonate with them...

1. You can name everyone you graduated with.
2. You know what 4-H means.
3. You went to parties at a pasture, barn, gravel pit, or in the middle of a dirt road. On Monday you could always tell who was at the party because of the scratches on their legs from running through the woods when the party was busted. (See #6.)
4. You used to 'drag' Main.
5. You whispered the 'F' word and your parents knew within the hour.
6. You scheduled parties around the schedules of different police officers, because you knew which ones would bust you and which ones wouldn't.
7. You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were (and if you were old enough, they'd tell your parents anyhow.) Besides, where would you get the money?
8. When you did find somebody old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you still had to go out into the country and drive on back roads to smoke them.
9. You knew which section of the ditch you would find the beer your buyer dropped off. (
10. It was cool to date somebody from the neighboring town.
11. The whole school went to the same party after graduation.
12. You didn't give directions by street names but rather by references. Turn by Nelson's house, go 2 blocks to Anderson 's, and it's four houses left of the track field.
13. The golf course had only 9 holes.
14. You couldn't help but date a friend's ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.
15. Your car stayed filthy because of the dirt roads, and you will never own a dark vehicle for this reason.
16. The town next to you was considered 'trashy ' or 'snooty,' but was actually just like your town.
17. You referred to anyone with a house newer then 1955 as the 'rich' people.
18. The people in the 'big city' dressed funny, and then you picked up the trend 2 years later.
19. Anyone you wanted could be found at the local gas station or the dairybar.
20. You saw at least one friend a week driving a tractor through town or one of your friends driving a grain truck to school occasionally.
21. The gym teacher suggested you haul hay for the summer to get stronger.
22. Directions were given using THE stop light as a reference. (Who had a stop light?!)
23. When you decided to walk somewhere for exercise, 5 people would pull over and ask if you wanted a ride.
24. Your teachers called you by your older siblings' names.
25. Your teachers remembered when they taught your parents.
26. You could charge at any local store or write checks without any ID.
27. There was no McDonalds.
28. The closest mall was over an hour away.
29. It was normal to see an old man (or kids to young to have drivers licenses) riding through town on a riding lawn mower.
30. You've pee'd in a cornfield.
31. Most people went by a nickname.

Friday, April 18

I feel the sky tumbling down

Big news in St. Louis today is the earthquake that hit Southern Illinois. I was woke up by it. I thought it was Jackson standing at the foot of our bed wagging his butt and shaking the whole bed. I guess in my weariness, I didn't really think about that one.

THen today we had a meeting in a little conference room. At around 10:15, an aftershock hit and it caused the door to rattle and you could feel the pulsating in the floor. Weird feeling.

I haven't ever experienced an earthquake before.

The April 18, 2008 Midwest earthquake was one of the largest earthquakes recorded in the state of Illinois, measuring a magnitude of 5.2.[1] It occurred at 4:37am CDT (9:37 UTC) along the Wabash Fault at a depth of 11.6 km. It was centered near West Salem, Illinois and Bellmont, Illinois, specifically 38.450°N, 87.890°W, [2] and felt as far as 450 miles (724 km) away.[3] Tremors were felt as far west as Kansas City[4], as far south as Atlanta[5], and as far east and north as Southern Ontario[6].

The earthquake epicenter was located in the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone, a possible northern extension of the more famous New Madrid Seismic Zone.[7]

An aftershock occurred at 10:14am CDT (15:14 UTC),[7]; it was magnitude 4.6, and also centered near West Salem, just north of the original quake.[8][9]

Here's what some of my fellow bloggers had to say about it:

Greene Family


Saturday, April 12

Lazy Saturday...

Nothing much went on today. Just kind of hung out and did nothing. Played with Nate alot.

During his Nap, I got some more stuff ready for Ebay. Took a break with our Anniversary and all. ready to try some more. See if I can empty out the store room? Let someone else store it.

In the process of downloading pics, I found the one below. It was from a couple weeks back. we were playing with Nate's hair during bathtime and did this to him. Thought it cool too seeing him in his tshirt. Like Fonzi or something...

EasterEggHunt 011

My sister is coming over tonight. We bought her Buzz! on Thursday. It is a Playstation 2 game that is like a quizshow. Also, I had a couple of guys over last night for a gaming session. I had Lynn get a couple of Sam's pizzas, but they didn't eat them (didn't even cook them up) so it is pizza again for me (third time this week...) Well, fourth actually since we had Casey's Pizza Sunday night..... Wow...

Okay, gotta go..

Tuesday, April 8

Avian Flue

This weekend was our anniversary. We went up to my parent's for the weekend. Nate thoroughly enjoyed it, as usual. He got plenty of time to ride on the tractor and the Mule.

Saturday was our actual anniversary. We first went to a pancake supper at the local feed store and then we headed over to the city park for an auction. Then we drove up to see my cousin Beth at her house and visited with them for a couple of hours. Nate got to meet his first snake while we were there. I will need to see if I can get the picture of him with it and post it here.

We then took Nate back to the grandparent's and headed out. We drove north into Iowa. Lynn wanted to check out an Amish Furniture store near Bloomfield. We then drove over to Bonaparte, Iowa. We did dinner at the Bonaparte Retreat, an old grist mill on the Des Moines River. Bonaparte is also the place that Brigham Young and the Mormons crossed on their track out to Utah. Mormon Trail and all. We both had Seafood. It was a good meal, and rather inexpensive. their credit card machine went down when we were checking out so I had to walk 3 blocks to a gas station to get some $$ from the ATM.

We also saw some antique stores there. One of them had the most hen's on a nest that I have ever seen. My mom is quite the fan of these "antiques". didn't get any, but I will need to keep an eye out for one for her birthday...

Sunday we spent over at my Grandfather's place, clearing brush and picking up trash. While he was alive, he was quite the fan of letting every weed on earth grow where it came up, so we had a lot of fence rows to clear and picked up a lot of scrap metal. Got it all done in a reasonable time. Nate was so good and stayed in one place, mainly playing on the Mule, and stayed away from the fire, but we all smelled like smoke afterwards...

Before we left on Friday, Lynn called me in the morning to let me know that there was a bird in our fireplace. I had thought that we could just leave it there over the weekend and it would either die or get too weak to struggle if we opened it up. unfortunately, it started to chew out the insulation in the door. We tried to get it with a trash bag but it flew out, thankfully flying to the front door, into the glass window. We were able to open the door and let him out. I'll need to get a wire cage over the chimney this weekend....

Well, I gotta be going.