Sunday, March 30

Home Alone

Lynn and Nate headed up to Springfield to be with the in-laws on Friday and Saturday. I was left home alone. Well, with Jackson of course. Friday, I drove out to a co-workers house that lives out in Wright City. He had to show me his palatial land that he has out there. We played games with the oldest boy until mid-night. The two youngest were literally coraled in the living room to play whatever they wanted to. It was kind of weird.

Nothing much else new going on. We had a good service at church this morning. Pastor is going through a "stress" series.  

I'm making Chicken Lasagna rolls tonight. Got the recipe off Yahoo! food.  Took me a while to figure out how specifically they were supposed to go down in the pan, but i figured it out...

Well, gotta go put the mozzy cheese on the rollups!


Tuesday, March 25

Nate and the Easter Egg Hunt

Nate hunting Easter eggs on Saturday!

Nate Egg Hunt from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Thank you Grandma, Thank you Grandpa

Video of Nate opening his Easter Basket from Grandpa and Grandma Starbuck..

Untitled from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Friday, March 21

Wasn't this way when I was a kid....

Do you all remember when you were kids and we would color eggs for Easter? Seemed the most creative we could get was to maybe use the dye w/ some crayons or something.

Tonight we colored Easter eggs with Nate. LAst year, after Easter, Lynn picked up some dyeing sets on clearance so we could do it this year (got them for like 33 cents). One of these sets had puffy paint, and the other had a marbelizing effect. Both of them didn't quite turn out like the picture. If you look at the pictures, you can tell the old school from the "new way". Also,you can probably tell which are mine (you would think they were Nates...).

EasterEggDying 025

got these picks of Nate too...

EasterEggDying 022

EasterEggDying 012

We also had a scare today. I took Nate swimming at the "Y" today and he fell and bonked his head on the side of the pool. Of course, he started to bleed also. The Staff surrounded me pretty quickly. We got some ice on it and he finally quieted down. I called Lynn and she met me there. We called the doc and described the wound and they just told us to keep an eye on him. before nap, we cleaned it up a little bit and it doesn't look as bad as I had imagined. Head wounds bleed profusely everybody keeps saying...


Wednesday, March 19

Puzzling... Pt. 2

Here's a picture of Nate doing his Puzzle. he later finished it all by himself...

Puzzles 002


"Love you"

Nate told Lynn and I last night "love you" before he went to bed. First time, So cute...


Monday, March 17


Okay, need to do a little bragging on Nate. The boy loves to do puzzles. We started him out on some wooden puzzles (your Melissa & Doug variety, usually about 10 pieces of varying shapes). A month ago, Nate learned his ABC's, the letters only, not what order they are in, sure that will come soon. We have this Card board Alphabet puzzle that we pulled out. I told Lynn Nate was too young for it, but she thought to give it a try.

After doing the puzzle with him a couple of times, he was able to do it all by himself. then Lynn pulled out another puzzle, which acually has pictures on it that are cut up into your run of the mill jigsaw shapes. I thought he would have a tough time with it also, but it appears he can picture the fragments and put them together somehow. It's a puzzle with vehicles in it so he lets you know their name as he finishes them.

He continues to amaze me....

Gotta go,

Saturday, March 15

A Really BIG Omelet!

Today, Grace Church had a Egg Hunt for the kids. Use the word "hunt" loosely. It was actually a bunch of eggs (30,000) spread across a gym floor. Kind of nutty. Nate had a blast, as you can see in the pictures:

A EggHunt031508 040

Here's Nate and Me with the Booty!
A EggHunt031508 058

Lynn actually got to help him with actually picking up the eggs. I took pics:

A EggHunt031508 049

Here's Nate before he started to "hunt" for the eggs.
A EggHunt031508 038

It was a good time. they were supposed to have it on the Soccer field, but it was a little rainy this morning. They had it seperated out that the preschoolers and toddlers got to go first with the pickings, but I saw that they had a LOT more eggs to roll out there. Nate got a fireman's hat also.

Well, Guess I need to log out and see what I can do to help Lynn with dinner. She's not feeling that great today....


Wednesday, March 12

I'm 72% redneck.

Body: Are You A Redneck?
(x) have you ever lived in the country?
(x) shot a gun?
( ) own a gun?
( ) hunted?
(x)driven a truck?
(x) chewed tobacco?
(x) gone camping?
(x) listened to country?
(x) owned a country cd?
(x) fished?
(x) worn a cowboy hat?
(x) worn cowboy boots?
(x) ridden a horse?
(x) seen a farm?
(x) worked on a farm?
(x) lived on a farm?
(x) fed a farm animal?
(x) worn carhartt?
(x) lived in a small town?
(x) worked on a car?
(x) seen a nascar race?
( ) been to a nascar race?
(x) been to an oval track?
(x) seen a demolition derby?
( ) been in a demolition derby?
( ) seen a figure 8 race?
(x) talked on a cb radio?
( ) had a cb in your car?
(x) seen smokey and the bandit more than 10 times?
(x) watched the dukes of hazzard episodes?
( ) owned more than two cars that don’t run?
(x) been to a junkyard
(x) been called a racist
( ) been in a INTERNATIONAL vs john deere argument?
(x) gone cow tipping?
( ) made out in a truck on a back road
( ) had to ponder whether your family said tire or tower
( ) been sprayed with deer pee?
(x) worn camo?
(x) ridden a 4-wheeler?
( ) owned a cabin?
(x) went swimming in the pond?
( ) drank/sipped white lightening? ...
(x) had your whole family on the front porch?
(x) thought that wal-mart was the coolest place ever?
( ) own a shirt with a rebel flag?
(x) eaten venison (deer meat)?
(x) cooked over a fire?
(x) ever been muddin?
(x) ate squirrel?
Subtotal 36
Now multiply your score by 2 and post it as “I’m –% redneck”.

YEEHAWW! If your redneck score is over 70%, you can officially call yourself a redneck

Tuesday, March 11

Return to its former glory

Well, I had a bang up night on eBay last night. sold $138.39 of stuff. I was only expecting around $80. Seems this one guy in Canada spent over 30 bucks to buy one of my paperback trilogies. wow. This is all good, cause I originally bought a huge lot of books for $75 (I only wanted one set out of them to read), so I'm making my money back, and more... Got another set of stuff going this week, hopeing a good take on it also (recoup money from this weekend).

On another note, Did anyone see this 17-month old that can read? I've been driving Lynn nuts cause I've been comparing Nate to her. Can't complain too much. Nate knows all the letters and can count to 5 now. He also can sing the "... WXYZ, now I know my ABC..." part of the alphabet song. That's his A-C-B-D's.


Sunday, March 9

Cracking Up!!!

Last Friday night, Lynn and I tried out a new group at Grace Church. It's called Parents of Young Children. The subject for the night was Prayer, and the leader had us put into several smaller groups and pray. Well, we got put into a group and we all talked for 20 minutes about ourselves (we were in a group with another new couple, so there was some get to know you time). We then shared some requests and started to pray out loud. We were praying for some families that had a recent lost and new jobs and stuff for people. Then, out of the blue, this gal prays, "I know this is a strange request, but I pray for the Easter Egg Hunt". I don't know why, it was just so funny at that time, the whole group cracked up.

Afterwards, Lynn and I talked about how we liked the realness of everybody. Haven't had that in quite sometime. I think we will enjoy this new group.

Another thing yesterday, A co-worker and I went to the Fantasy Shop for their Quarterly Gaming Auction. I've been looking for some books and thought this would be a good source for them. I never imagined. I spent over $200 on stuff, but I hope to be able to sell enough of the smaller lots to make that up. It was a unique experience, for the fact that the "gamers" are a different breed. There was a lot of self deprecating humor by the auctioneer, who happened to be the overall owner of the Shops here in St. Louis. One moment he held up a set of books written by Gary Gygax, he requested a moment of silence for him (he died this week). Got a good giggle out of everybody. So, I'm in pretty good spirits right now, had a great weekend.

Today, we met some of our friends from Efree for a birthday party at the mall. It was okay, didn't really talk to anybody, guess that is why I personally am looking for a new church group. West County... OH well. I gotta be going. My sister has threatened to come by this afternoon so we need to get things done...


Thursday, March 6

Typing speed test

Took a speed type test.. got 40 words per minute.. Not too great but oh well...

40 words

Speed test

Monday, March 3

Weekend in KC

For my birthday, Lynn had planned a weekend extravaganza: destination Kansas City Area.

We left last Thursday night to head up to my parents. They would be taking care of Nate on the weekend so that we could have some time alone together. We embarked out on Friday morning, heading through Kirksville thru Chillicothe, MO. Seems that Chillicothe is the original home of "Sliced Bread". Bread was first sold here sliced. Previously, I guess you sliced it at home.

KC 041 (Medium)

We arrived in Kearney and toured the Jesse James Home.
Here's a pic of Lynn standing on the front porch.
KC 014 (Medium)

We also went to the graveyard where James is buried and took this pic:
KC 021 (Medium)

That night we arrived at the Western Way B&B. It was a good stay.

On Saturday we headed over to St. Joseph and saw the Pony Express Museum.
Here's a picture of me on the special saddle, I think it was called a mochilla.. unfortunately, you really can't see the saddle.
KC 027 (Medium)

We also got to see this huge ball of "yarn".
KC 031 (Medium)

and this "red baron" plane with Snoopy flying it..
KC 038 (Medium)

Gotta go take care of Nate!



Haven't posted in a week. have to apologize about that. Lynn took me over to the KC area this weekend. I got pictures and such I will post tomorrow along with a full description of what all happened.

More tomorrow. I'll upload pics also!