Tuesday, August 25

Jonathan up on Knees

Jonathan is up on his knees from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

This weekend was up at the inlaws and Jonathan started to pull himself up and get on his knees. Above is a pick with big brother. Excuse the drool...

And of course don't forget Riley!

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Seperate but equal

put up the second crib today for the twins. now they each have their own bed. They both looked a little confused when we put them down tonight though. At least there won't be any more kicking in the mornings...


Wednesday, August 19


My dad wrote this the other day. It was hilarious watching him on the phone..

Transmission locked up on the tractor that I paid more for than we paid for a farm. Few days later Grandma was talking to grandson Nathaniel (age most of 4) ------------ she mentioned that Grandpa's tractor broke -------------His response was a... loud and profound "OH NO!" She then mentioned that Grandpa's baler broke ------------- again another "Oh No!" not as loud and not as profound. Likes the tractor better!

Tuesday, August 18

Mashed Taters

Riley and Mashed taters

Jonathan and Mashed Taters
Riley and GreenBean..
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Wednesday, August 12

I'm a dog

Recently, Jackson got another hot spot so we had to get the lampshade for his head. Nate picked it up tonight and went around the house saying "I'm a dog", "I'm a dog". He was pretty funny, so I had to get some pics of him here:

Jason Starbuck fishy Obama Hater

Tuesday, August 4

Nate and the Pee Wee Show

As part of the Queen City Pioneer Days, the younger future 4H'ers got to show some animals. Nate got to show a goat as shown in the following video:

Nate and Pioneer Days from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Untitled from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Jason Starbuck fishy Obama Hater

Nate and the Bouncy House

After the Queen City Pioneer Days was over, we had to clean up and air out the bouncy house. Nate got it all to himself on the Sunday for a while!

Nate and Pioneer Days from jason starbuck on Vimeo.


Jason Starbuck fishy Obama Hater

Sunday, August 2

Queen City Pioneer Days

Nate and I took the weekend and went up to the Queen City Pioneer Days and left Lynn and the twins back in St. Louis. We got up here on Thursday afternoon after meeting mom and dad in Columbia (a Sam's run and lunch at Golden Corral). Nate had a blast during the whole fair (or carnival as he called it). During the first nights entertainment, I was going to leave at 8 with him, but he said he wanted to dance, so we went back and he spent the next two hours "dancing" in front of the bandstand with some other kids. I had his scooter too so that he could play with that also.

On Friday, he discovered the straw pile on the north end of the square, this was actually the remnants that came out of the trashing machine. Aunt Amy had a lot of fun throwing Nate into the big pile of straw. Later that night, they had a straw scramble where they hid candy in the pile. Nate found a few things, but not too much. Another of his big fun things was the slide and the bouncy house.

We entered him in the pedal tractor pull but when he found out that he wasn't able to go anywhere he turned around and unhooked the chain from the trailer so that it would move. Was that in the rules? he placed 4th in his class, last year he got 3rd with a trophey.

Saturday we got to watch the Tractor Games. I think it is just an excuse for adult men to ride around on multi-ton machines and get out their inner child. Nate was just fascinated with it all.

He made friends with everybody that was in a golf cart too. Below are the thumbnails of pics I took and posted on Facebook.