Saturday, May 20

Happy B-day to Lynn

Yesterday was Lynn's B-day. I took her out to see RV and took her to Brio Tuscan Grille. It was fun. today we had a bunch of friends over. It was a great time. rain held off also so that made it even better.

I saw my first ever Chiropracter yesterday. I've always felt that they delve into witchcraft or something, but I guess they are all right. Monday I will get my back adjusted for the first time, ever. Kind of scary, but I guesss they are professionals.


Thursday, May 18

Most Awesome Chinese Buffet


Wow! went to the most awesome Chinese Buffet. Ryce Buffet opened up here in Maryland Heights and we all went from work. for $7.20 you got an all you can eat buffet that included sushi, mongolian BBQ and lots of other stuff. IT was just Awesome. I enjoyed it. I'll have to take Lynn there sometime during the day. they get a bit pricey at night.

In other news, going shopping for Lynn's Birthday tonight. only 1 more day, and then she hits the big 3-0. heeh. I hope that I got her all that she wants. we are going to go to see RV that night also. and go to some tuscan grill.

Not much else to say. I'm off tomorrow to get my back adjusted for the first time with teh Chiropractor. hopefully we can get the van all finalized also.


Sunday, May 14


WEll, spent the weekend at the in-laws. Saturday was my nephew Ethan's birthday, so we went up to Springfield for that. He got a Playmobil King's Large Castle from the other grand parents. This was quite a task putting this thing. I spent about 3 hours putting the thing together with Josh. The end product is pretty impressive, but not exactly sturdy. Not when a 20 month old comes trampling over it.

I like the idea of Nate eventually getting into Knights and stuff. I will probably attempt at that time to build him a castle out of 3/4" board base and do some walls out of some solid material and maybe cut the bricks out by hand out of clay and then glue them together. That would be a great father-son project. I think my dad also built my other nephew Matthew a huge barn to hold all his tractors in. I would definitely need help with this from family to

Back in my roleplaying days, My cuz Brian and me bought a castle wall from the War Hammer set. It was pretty cool. Nate would've loved it, but Brian went and sold it on Ebay. Thanks Brian.

But then again, the boy may not ever be interested in medieval stuff. oh well.


Thursday, May 11

Creepy Crude

Well, I've officially got something now. came home from work at 1:00 not feeling to well, and now I've physically manifested proof. feel a little better though.

Had a dentist appointment this morning. No cavities! Amy would be proud.

Well, Lynn is going to run an errand with Nate, so I can get some sleep. we'll see.


Tuesday, May 9

Big Surprise

So, next week is Lynn's b-day. on the 20th we are going to have a little party for her here at our house. should be fun. I'm told I'm supposed to get Balloons for the ole b-day. I also have a big Surprise for her, but given the public nature of this blog, I can't share details, but if you are somebody who is anybody, you should have gotten an e-mail from me.

Nate has another Ear infection. He's been miserable the past two days. Not that he is miserable to us, he just feels miserable. He picked up a little today, except for the fact that I dropped him on his head cause I wanted a brownie. Geesh, won't hear the end of that one. OH well.

nothing much else new now. Guess I will be going now.


Monday, May 8

My Town

One of the things of town pride, is having a city that I live in that has a decent website. My former residence, Overland, Mo, has a website that looks like it's an advertisement for a gay parade.... Oh well.

Overland has been in the news quite a lot lately, with the mayor trying to oust the police chief and city attorney. Quite scandelous. But, guess that is how politics can be, eh?

Nate is doing none to well right now. He threw up several times tonight and pretty much cried all night. We have put him down now, and he seems to be sleeping, but he's not the kid he was. We're hoping that he recovers soon.

Nothing much else new around here. I need to go clean up the kitchen tonight for Lynn, so that she can relax a little.


Sunday, May 7

Scrabble® Champion

Played Scrabble® with Lynn tonight. I won but about 50 points. It was really fun. we used to do this a lot more Pre-Nate, but I guess with him around, time is a little more unavailable, but we've decided we are going to work on playing games together more. helps us work on communication and stuff. You know.

Pretty cool weekend. Saturday I had Ben switch out the radiator hose for the Van and also got a new K and N air filter. never have to buy a filter ever again. cool. Got to hang out with Nate a lot this weekend also, all alone. Trying to plan Lynn's B-day, need to determine what if anything we will be doing on Saturday. OUr church is having a function that night, would probably benefit us both to go, just dont know yet.

Hope you all are doing okay.


Thursday, May 4

Busy Busy Busy

Seems like May is getting to be a very very busy time for us. This weekend, we have the Hale shower, then next we have Ethan's B-day, Lynn's b-day, Ashley's wedding. blah blah blah.

We got Organic again today. Tried out Trader Joe's. just a smaller version of WHole foods. Lynn didn't like the selection, so we went to Whole Food's anyways. I got some shampoo. Man, my life is exciting. Anyways, I got some pics of Lynn and Nate tonight in Nate's new shirt. Also, Lynn has a possible interesting developement in her life, but I will let her share that with you.


Wednesday, May 3

Celebration Time!

Today, Lynn, Nate and I all went over to St. Chuck to see if we can get some ice Cream to celebrate my raise. I had alterier (sp?) motives. today was the day that Infinite Crisis #7 came out so we had to stop by the comic shop and get it. turns out the ice cream place I wanted to go to was closed (at 6:45 P.M., sheesh). so I drove down Elm street to try to go to Chuck A Burger. instead we stopped by Lyon's Custard. We also passed by the B&B that we spent our wedding night at, so we had some time to reminense about that.

Got home and gave Nate a bath. He's doing this thing now where he shakes his head like he is saying "NO". it is so hillarious.

Nuttin much else going on tonight. I'm excited about goin's ons at works also. Got a problem I will be fixing next week, and hopefully will be going ahead with another one also. Also will get a chance to train the new gal, Kame.


Tuesday, May 2

Good Day at Edward Jones

So, my old boss finally got around to getting my merit review done today.  Good news, I got a 2% raise which brings me over another 10K marker.   Hard to believe that since I have started with them 9 years ago, I have doubled my salary.     Gotta think though that this won't always be so.  They will only pay some guy to mow your lawn for so much, you know. Well, that is the analogy they give.
Had some good luck with some work things too.   I was given a problem with the MAP reporting system on Friday, which I had no idea on what it was even.  It's in a new technology that i don't understand, so I'm stumbling through it, but I got it working okay today, and was able to make some valuable updates.      HOpefully tomorrow, I'll have it complete so I can start moving it into production.
Well, not much else to say.  Nate is getting pretty funny nowadays.  He's learned to shake his head now.  I'll have to get it on video for you all.