Thursday, March 30

Cardinal Nation

So, I got my son a Cards Jersey back in Sept.  and he can wear it now.  He's like 19 lbs.
Had quite the scare at work today.  I've been working on my UK dividend stuff a lot more and found a website to describe how to do a Rights issue and all.   There was a phrase in there I didn't quite understand, so I thought, I'll google it and see what comes up.  Well, I did, and automatically, the Ed Jones Green Screen of death popped up.  I thought, "They've blocked Google...".     I asked another guy to check it out and he got to do it just fine.   And then I looked at what I typed in.  
Oh.... I guess that word could mean something else....
I was embarassed.  
So, now I have no Idea what that is.   Thankfully I am at home now and can search it okay.  Hope that nothing comes up that I wouldn't want to see....

Tuesday, March 28

Crazy World

So, Springfield has a Transgender person running for the congress.  pretty weird.   Midge Potts.   Looking at her/his website, she/he has some pretty good ideas fiscally, just the social issues are a little out of wack.   Well, good luck trying to win the primary against the $3 milllion Roy Blunt machine..  
In other news, nothing much new for me.  I do have a career change coming up, but I can't really talk about it much until it becomes official. probably this Friday.
Did a cardio workout tonight.  I've been sooooo bad about going to the Y lately.  I got sick back in mid-Feb and that just threw my whole schedule off.   Also, Nate has been staying up a little later and it is so cool to interact with him and by the time he's down at 8:30, not much incentive on my part to get out and do something.   Toying with the idea of running with Jackson in the morning or trying some cardio at the Y around 6.  My clock has changed and I am able to get up at 6 now, but then I just realized that we are "springing forward" this weekend, so there won't be much sunlight to do walking at that time.   can't really let that stop me.
Lynn and I's anniversary is coming up.  can you believe it has been 3 years.  I love you girl.
WEll, I need to get ready for bed.   I have a lot of work to get ready for Friday so I can wrap up this UK dividend project I am working on.  seems like this thing will never end.  Good news is that I will be taking some training classes in mid April so I can learn some Java Server Pages (JSP) technology.   That will be Sooo cool.   will be quite an improvement over the Servlet coding I do now.

Saturday, March 25

Gone to the Dogs....

Well, today we all went down to Queeny Park to attend the St. Louis Pet Expo.  wondering, when exactly does siding on your house have anything to do with a pet?  Unless, sometimes I hear that dogs chew up siding, but not our Jackson.    Met some folks there that are fighting for more Dog Parks in West County.   We should be getting one in Maryland Heights soon, over by the water park.
That would make Jackson soo happy.
We went to Sam's club afterwards, and $100 later, we left.   Bought some much needed new pillows, and I got some Kashi brand cereal and cereal bars.  Made sure that they didn't have any High Fructose Corn Syrup in them.  They don't.  I think Kashi is actually one of those companies that started out Organically minded and all, but I then got bought out by one of the big mean corporate giants.  Funny, cause their website doesn't say anything about them being bought out?   Oh well.
Nate's been recovering great from his surgery.  His swelling has gone down considerably and he's back to his normal self.  I think we are still supposed to keep him out of certain positions for a while, but he's doing great!
Not much else to say now.  I may be heading out of here soon to just get out of the house.

Wednesday, March 22

Way to go Missouri!

 Well, got the following message regarding the MO tax return! Can't wait!!!!!!

Your tax return has been processed. Refund issue date: 03/23/2006.

fish wednesday

Well, tonight we went to Vesta's Church for a fish dinner.  it was only $5 a person and Lynn and I got to eat with Vesta and her grand kids, Brian and Judith.
It was pretty good, not the best.    But Lynn liked the price and that we didn't have to cook at home.
Nothing much new today.  Thought I might let you all know that I will be interviewing for a new position at Jones tomorrow.   Pretty much I will be going back to my old job again if I get it.    Talked to the New boss and she wants me, and turns out one of my better friends Scott will be interviewing me for the technical part.  At least on the COBOL side.   Gotta think of what the questions will be???
What are the four divisions of a COBOL program?
  • Identification
  • Environment
  • Data
  • Procedure
What is the difference between a COMP and a COMP-3?
  • One is a packed decimal, the other is a binary number,
Also, this job will encompass some new Java tech stuff which I have done for the past 2.5 years.
Probably will ask what the 4 principles of Object Oriented programming are.  Beats me.  Encapsulation, Inheritance, and something else.....
Oh yeah, Abstraction and Polymorphism..   Don't think I will remember all those.
We'll have to see how it goes I guess.
Nate is crying now.  Not really wanting to go down for bed just yet.  He's been doing great after his surgery.  
Nothing much else new.

Monday, March 20

Sugery Day

Nate had his surgery today.  Got through it with no real problems, although me and mom were a little frazzeled.  But all is well.  It will take him about 5 to 6 weeks to fully heal but sounds like the prognosis is going to be good.
My parents came down from NEMO this weekend and saw Nate,  It was a good visit.
right now, Lynn and I are just trying to recover from the day.

Thursday, March 16

Picture of Nate in a Beret.


Day 4 .... Declined...

Well, it is day number 4 of the waiting for the old tax return.   Once again, status has not changed.
Tonight is the Big Bundle 6.2 implementation at Jones.  I have a small piece that I need to implement.  Hope all goes well.   It should.   
I may have some big news for you all soon.  Lynn and I have talked about a decision I may be making and it will be pretty cool, for me at least.    Details will follow later.
Nate's surgery is going to be on Monday the 20th.   should be okay.  I hope.   Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. 
Congrats to Josh and Tifanni for getting an offer on the house.    That is such a fun process, I am sure.   Nerver racking, to say the least.   Hope all goes well to you both.  
Lot of hoping in this entry today.    Well, leave you all on that note,

Wednesday, March 15

Day 3... Negative!

well, no Tax return information today.
Heard that we won't be having Nate's Surgery on Friday like we planned.  Perhaps we'll go see Jerry instead and get Nate his own Ed Account.  Open Lynn a Roth also.
work was uneventful today.    we  did lunch at Happy China    It's growing on me. 
Nate is really messing up my typing so I'll need to post again later,

Tuesday, March 14

Day 2.... Denied!

Well, today is the second day that I got online and checked the status of my Missouri and Federal Tax Forms.  No Luck.  Missouri has received the form and have started processing, Federal nothing.   Eager to get some of that money back.  Don't know what we will do with it though?
Pretty normal day at work.    Nothing new.  Thursday night is the bundle implementation, so i will be pretty busy that night working to be sure that it goes in okay.   should be fun.
The fix I applied to the ole Sega didn't work as well as I had thought.  Tried to play it last night and it kept reseting.   Did the procedure again just now so I will see how that affects things.
May need to investigate actually bucking up the $25 for a new used console at Slackers.    Will need to check the budget on that one.
Oh wait, we don't budget.....
Well, I did get our Jones accounts transfered over to Jerry Zuckerman today.   CAn't wait to meet with him and open up a Roth IRA for Lynn and get an educational thing started for Nate.  Maybe that is where we can put the ole tax returns....
Nothing much else happening today.  I got a David Ramsey book from the library.   One of those ask a question and answer it on one page dealies.  pretty straight forward guy and makes sense.    Reserved the Total money makeover book from the library also.    on the wait list.   #64...   Maybe I'll bet it by July... we'll see.     IN the process, we can make a few changes financially around here..  
Well, I've bored you all enough.  

Sunday, March 12

BirthDay Money spent

Well, yesterday went with Lynn down to S. County so she could get her massage.  I had Nate for 1/2 hour so we went to see where we could spend some of my birthday money.
First stop was Slackers.   Bought a used game, Star Wars: Demolition.   Then we went to a store called Comics Headquarters off Telegraph and I got 6 short boxes for comics storage and some bags.  All part of Project Basement Reclamation.   
Of course when I got home, I realized that the Sega DC wasn't working so great, so today I applied this fix to the Sega Dreamcast. It seems to have worked, cause I played my other Star Wars Game for about 50 minutes and it never reset like it used too.  Gives me renewed hope in the ole Dreamcast.  Maybe Lynn won't be able to tear me away from it.
Maybe tonight I'll have to challenger her to the Trucker Game again....
Well, I need to get the house straightened up from when Lynn comes home from her Candle Creations party.

Saturday, March 11

a poke in the eye

So, like today Nate found out that he can "pet" Jackson.  "Petting" seems to involve poking poor Jackson in the eye.   Poor guy.
Things on the slate for today are go accompany Lynn to S. County so she get her massage at Illussions.I'm going to run by the comic shop down there and see if I can get some comics supplies with the money I got for B-day and Christmas.    Also, we'll drop my Taurus off at Roy's auto repair for an oil change.  Also, we may stop by J. C. Penny's at the South County Mall
Nothing much else planned. Will be eating out.   Don't know what we'll do, can pretty much rule out McDonald's, Wendy's, Hardee's, or any other fast food restaraunt.    Maybe some place nice like O'Charley's or something like that.   I don't know.  I'm just trying to see how many hyperlinks I can put in this posting.   
Well, I finally got back to the Y after a week of not doing anything.   Being sick really got me out of my routine.    Also, it's been a little different with Nate lately so it has been a little harder to go at night.    I'll need to get back in that routine.  This afternoon, I'll have to work out downstairs on the bench for about an hour.  That should make up for all the lost time, right?
My grandfather is in the hospital with pnemonia.    We're probably going to have to see a change in his care soon since it will need to be stepped up a notch, either nursing home or hiring someone to sit with him all day.  
Nothing much else to say.  I need to clean up.

Tuesday, March 7

With an Oink, Oink here, Oink Oink There.

Maybe it is just me, but last night and today, I have seen a LOT of people pulled over by the highway patrol.    Guess it may be that I only drive 3 miles to work and don't really go by too much traffic on the way.
Oh well, I need to get back to help Lynn clean the kitchen.

Saturday, March 4

That's two off the list

Well, today Lynn and I got the closet door removed out of Nate's room and also I hung up the swing arm curtain rods in the kitchen.   That's two off the list for now.  Will need to hang the new rod in Nate's room for hiding the closet contents. 
Lynn went out to have her hair done today so Nate and I went out to do some stuff.  I wanted to stock by the comic shop and see if I could get some boxes so I could "professionally" store everything.  Nate's education is riding on this, so I need to keep them in pristine condition.   seems all the Beanies we got aren't worth much so gotta count on something else, right?
Watched "Monster-in-law" tonight. pretty good movie, funny in parts but I wish there was a little more stuff going on between J. Lo and J. Fonda.    Wanda Sykes was hilarious in this.   I really like her straight talk.   Gotta see if she is in any other movies.
We are making Grandma Hughson's Cinammon(sp?) rolls right now.  unfortunately, we are at teh "double" stage, so It will take a while before we get to bed tonight.

Thursday, March 2

I wanna work for the Railroad!

What is it about the state of Missouri and Railway workers?   must get some kind of big tax break or something?    Oh well.   
Just completed doing the ole taxes with TurboTax.  Once again, paid too much to Uncle Sam, so we'll get  a little bit back for now.  That's good.  Maybe we can spend it for something around the house or something?
Had a pretty decent day at work.  the change I was going to implement next week got folded into the Bundle process so I may be doing a implementation on March 16th, which is the night before Nate's big surgery.   It should be okay, I'll just get absolutely no sleep the night before.  yeah.
Nate is so cute and he is changing every day.  He smiles at his daddy now and I can sometimes get him to laugh. 
Not much on the plate for tonight.  went to Sam's last night to pick up some pics, but they said we need to wait until Friday.  So maybe by then we'll get them and send some out to all of Nate's biggest fans.