Thursday, March 25

Jonathan First Steps - with a bagel

Here's a video of Jonathan walking with a Bagel in his mouth. Pretty impressive....

Monday, March 22

Nate's Need for Speed

We were at the Wisconsin Dells this weekend to see some of Lynn's family.   Nate and I got on the Need for Speed Arcade game and I let him drive while I did the gas.

Thursday, March 11

Riley and Jon in Wagon

Weather was great today so we decided to all go outside after dinner and play outside, only it had dropped like 30 degrees. But we had fun pulling the twins around in the wagon.

Monday, March 1

No real new updates

Haven't been on here in a while. things are going good, just doing the day to day thing.

Babies aren't walking yet, but Jon is on the verge. Someday soon, hopefully. Nate is still Nate, infatuated with Thomas the Tank engine. I set up a remote control train downstairs for him and he loves it. Nuttin much else now.