Friday, April 28

Cardinal Nation, Again,

WEll, last night we took nate to the Cardinals name, in St. Louis's new $365 million stadium. Impressive, but sad that your average person can't really afford to go. we just happened upon the tickets because a friend of ours parent's neighbor got them from work. they were $46 apiece. don't think I would pay $92 for the both of us to go...

It was good, they won, also had the excitement of a fire at the stadium!

Here's some pics:

Sunday, April 23

Just a couple of pics I took of Nate this weekend. Hope everyone is doing good. I'll post more tomorrow.


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Thursday, April 20

Just thought I would post a couple more pictures of Lynn and I and Nate. Also one of Jackson. We've been feeding him a lot less lately so I think he is slimming down a lot.

Mowed the front line tonight. Did it different this time and actually bagged all the clippings. Hadn't been doing that before, but Jackson seems to like to roll in it all the time and thus will get it all over the house. Not good.

Work has been going good for me. I'm still doing the UK dividend project, but it is just in a state where I am waiting for the vendor to get me some more information. Otherwise, I am starting on some of my Trades responsibilities, I've already got two enhancements and one problem I'm working on, and I also did two or three reports for the users. I love it.

Well Here comes nate,

gotta go,

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Tuesday, April 11

interesting things in S. Illinois

Okay, what is really THAT interesting in Illinois anyways.   Lynn and I visited the following places for our anniversary.   Check out her blog for all the commentary.

Thursday, April 6

Why do I find it so Funny, Part 2.

Okay, this one was even better.  so Like today I was driving down 270 and there was this cleaning crew working on the side of the road picking up trash and all.   so they had this state MODOT truck driving along with them.   and it had a little trailer behind it that had..  you guessed it, a porta-potty.     Just made me wonder if the truck stopped so people could do their bidness.   or, like if you accidently got locked in there and they were driving 70 MPH down the interstate.   Oh well.  I'll have to ask my friend Ben about that?
Yesterday was our Anniversary.  Lynn got me another DreamCast cause my last one was on the fritz.  HOpe this one holds out okay.     She also got me a Bass Fishing game.  I did the practice mode great, caught an 11 lb bass once,  but then when I actually started playing the real thing, didn't do so hot.   Next time.
WE're going out of town on the weekend.  should be fun.
I think it might be time for a review.   I know what I will be doing, I think...

Wednesday, April 5

toe head

Lynn keeps calling Nate a Toe Head, so I had to look up what that exactly means.  so I looked it up:

Main Entry: tow
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English tow- spinning; akin to Old Norse tO tuft of wool for spinning, Old English tawian to prepare for use -- more at TAW
Date: 14th century
1 : short or broken fiber (as of flax, hemp, or synthetic material) that is used especially for yarn, twine, or stuffing
2 a : yarn or cloth made of tow b : a loose essentially untwisted strand of synthetic fibers

Main Entry: tow·head
Pronunciation: 'tO-"hed
Function: noun
Date: 1829
1 : a low alluvial island or shoal in a river : SANDBAR
2 : a head of hair resembling tow especially in being flaxen or tousled; also : a person having such a head of hair
- tow·head·ed /-"he-d&d/ adjective

Tuesday, April 4

What's with all the Old Folks?

No disrespect to my mom, but sheesh, I think the St. Louis County Election board recruits from the nursing homes when the run an election.  sheesh.    
Mainly had school board positions and town mayor stuff going on here.  I voted no on an increased tax for the community college.  Maybe if Nate should go there.
Tomorrow is our anniversary.  I'm going to have to go shopping tonight to see if I can find something for her.
NOthing much else new.
Maybe I'll post later,

Monday, April 3

Why do I find it so funny?

So, yesterday, we had a huge thunderstorm blow through St. Louis.    Maple tree fell on my sister's truck, but we at the Starbuck household got through unscathed.    power was out from 6PM to 3:30 AM.   not too long
So, last night I saw a portapotty that had blown over because of the storm and another here in MH near our beloved construction that was tipped over.   I just think that is funny for some reason.
well, I have Nate on my lap now and he insists on grabbing my fingers with every type.   oh to be a chiild.  I'll write more tonight.