Sunday, June 29

M&M Boy

My Sister picked up an M&M costume for Nate at a yard sale this weekend. He insists on wearing it a lot. Here he is in the red one. there's the green one also, but it is a girl...

MandMCostume 009

Thursday, June 26

221 steps

I have the day off so I took Nate over to Creve Couer park and we played at the corporate area #1. There was a stair case over in the corner of the trees that we decided to go down. Turned out it was 221 steps DOWN the bluff to the other part of the park (where the lake is). Once we got down there, Nate insisted on staying. I finally coxed him to go back up the steps. One downer was there was a gal that was running up and down the steps and Nate would wave and say "Hi" to her repeatedly, but she had her IPod up so high (I could hear it), she didn't even notice. I just wish for the sake of my son's self esteem that people could smile or wave back at him. Then again, there is always the fear that maybe Nate is too friendly with strangers. Guess you have to strike a balance with it somehow.

Here's some pics that I took today. Nate has become quite the climber and he is able to get up some of the ladder and bar type stuff by himself. hasn't mastered the rock wall though..

CreveCouerParkfun 062608 026 (Medium)

CreveCouerParkfun 062608 055 (Medium)

CreveCouerParkfun 062608 029 (Medium)

CreveCouerParkfun 062608 027 (Medium)


Monday, June 23

Not sure when it is supposed to be

Lynn went to the o.b. again today and had a checkup. the twins seem to be doing okay, and the doc told she's doing okay, and there shouldn't be anything to worry about. They did an ultrasound and the o.b. was pointing out legs and arms, but Lynn didn't see them. I think they probably still look like big blobs. in 8 weeks we'll have a bigger ultrasound.

Lynn got some time to herself tonight, so I took Jackson & Nate up to the "blue park". Nate had a blast running around the playground. He's getting to be quite the daredevil and insists on climbing each of the "ladders". He climbed this one spiral thing that was about 5 feet high and got caught at the top.

Lynn had to take Nate to the checkup today cause our regular babysitter was "quarantined". Apparently the youth group took 250 kids out to Colorado and 30+ of them got sick with "Norwalk" virus. I stopped by on the way back to give my condolences. She's apparently stuck at the house for the next week to be sure that no one else gets sick.

Our plans for this weekend have been changed so we will be free to do some stuff. I was thinking that we need to take a road trip or something (you all need to hear Nate scream "Road Trip"). I would be cool to visit Ironton again or some other destination.


Sunday, June 22


One of our big things to do with Nate lately is sidewalk chalk on the driveway. I go out with him and ask him what he wants me to draw, and I'll draw it to the best of my ability. I always get a request for Snoopy. He also likes me to trace his Feet. It's inevitable though that that night, it rains, and we have to start all over again.

We've been also practicing his letters and numbers with the chalk. I wrote all the letters all over the driveway and I send him out looking for them individually. He's pretty good at it, confuses the W and M though. Well, how do you really tell the difference?

Today, I was going through the shapes with him and decided to draw a "right triangle" (you put a square in the corner that represents the angle that is 90 degrees). That got me on a role so I started drawing circles and showing Nate how you calculate the Area and the Circumference. Also got into doing cylinders. He didn't quite get it.

It did get me interested in some of the old Calculus I used to do in college, so I went into the basement and dug out an old Calculus book. I never really understood some of the introductory stuff in college. I'm the type that likes to jump right into it, and the first chapters are always about the theory behind it and stuff. It amazes me that they thought this all up back in the 1600's with Newton and all. Pretty smart guys. And the fact that it is still the same truths today. Guess that points to an intelligent design of some sort to the universe.

In Nate news, I took him to Aldi's today to get some Milk. we spend $2.80 a gallon. I guess that is cheap. Lynn has said that she would like to go there to pick up some stuff. From what I could tell, it seemed to be a lot cheaper that Schnucks, but I'm afraid they don't have pesto. Oh well.

We are hoping to head out of town on Wednesday to head up home to my parent's. This is all contingent on a certain things NOT happening.

On the babies front, everything still seems to be fine. Lynn is still tired a lot. Tomorrow she has a checkup with the O.B. and guess we'll know little if anything more from that.


Monday, June 16

Papa day

So yesterday was Papa's day. I thought when I woke up, as Dad, I would make Breakfast since Lynn is having a tough time with the first trimester. I made scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and hashbrowns (Nate's favorite). We all enjoyed breakfast together and then went to church.

The pastor was a visiting pastor and taught about the John the apostle, how he "advanced" as a Christian, likening it to how a jujitsu fighter gets his belts. It was a good sermon.

We got home and hung out for a couple of hours and then went to Bandanna's for lunch. We had a great meal as a family. I had the sweet tea, but it tasted a little too much like Tea for me to enjoy. Weird. Lynn wrote about it in her blog also.

Afterwards we came back to the house and relaxed. Nate and I started to walk around the block and found out that the temperature had considerably cooled down so we headed over to Vago Park

Nate and I played a game where I would throw his ball up really really high and he would go get it afterwards. I noticed tonight in the basement he was trying to do the same thing. I was funny seeing him try.

We met a family over at the park that lives two streets over. I had actually met them walking about a year ago.

Well, nothing else is new. Need to get clothes ready for tomorrow!


Sunday, June 15

Circus, Circus

Last night, my company sponsored an exclusive event, a private showing of the Ringling Bros., Barnum and Bailey Circus down at the brand new Chaifetz center at St. Louis Univ. It was AWESOME. I know there is a LOT of people out there that are so ANTI-circus cause they "abuse" the animals.

We got to see BMX'ers, Trapeez artists, Tight rope walkers, dogs, horses, elephants and tigers. Even ended in a grand finale with the human cannonballs (a husband/wife duo).

Nate was enthralled with it all. Except for some of it drug a little. And we were sitting in Stadium seats so it wasn't exactly designed for toddlers.

Here's an ad from YouTube that kind of shows what we saw (although, no flames on the tightwire, too much of firehazard I guess).

Wednesday, June 11

WordLess Wednesday!

Okay, these are words.. Took this pic of Nate last night....

FunOutside! 003 (Medium)


Sunday, June 8

Pool Boy

Got Nate's Pool out today and filled it up under the tree. He was a bit apprehensive about stepping into it since it was freezing cold. I stepped in first and he got in also. We played around with these dollar store sponge things my sister got that expand to 600% of their original size. That distracted him enough to get it all right for Nate.

PoolBoy0608 010 (Medium)

I put this chair in there for him to enjoy. Had a problem though since the water level covered the seat. So his clothe diaper was quite soaked by that time...

Nothing much new around here. Lynn's Blog mentions our big find Yard Saleing yesterday. Found a crib for $10. We paid $100 for our last one. And they are both the same style also. The one we got yesterday is also a newer design, though. Apparently, the twins will stay in the same crib for a while though, so I won't get the joy of setting both up for a while...

Lynn has been hit hard by first trimester. So I've had to step up and do a little around here. We got one of our two DTV converter boxes yesterday. The picture is a LOT clearer, but our rabbit ear antennas don't cut if for getting %100 signal. It is like watching a scratchy DVD. Kind of bad... Thanks Congress... I was thinking I should spring some money to have a guy come out and professionaly install a nice antenna for us so we could get a better reception. don't want to spring for cable or satellite..

Well, everybody else has gone down for the afternoon. I will need to find something productive to do also...


Tuesday, June 3

How do you get here???

I like to view how people come to see my blog. Below are some of the search terms that people have used to find my blog:

  • how to "clip chicken wings" -cook -recipe
  • world typing
  • "Larry Bird's boyhood home" address
  • santa photo in old firetruck
  • wee hearts total eclipse
  • food on bluegrass expressway
  • Jason starbuck" SUNGLASS
Don't really understand that last one? Someone want to get me sunglass'es?

Hole in One!

At work today, they had a "contest" to promote one of the summer promotions. They had a mini putt putt hole set up. you had to hit the ball in with your off hand. I actually made it and got a $5 gift certificate to the work diner. It was pretty good.