Friday, June 29

Biker Bars and Walks around the block

Well, today for lunch we went to Jack's Iron Horse Grill, over on St. Charles Rock Road. It's next to the landfill, if that gives you any idea of what kind of place it is. It's actually a biker bar, but they had a pretty decent hamburger. The bartender was this Paris Hilton wanna be, kind of gross though...

Tonight I took Nate for a walk, and I couldn't get him to ride in his stroller, he decided that he wanted to ride his Cozy Coupe instead... for about 3 houses, and then he decided he wanted to walk, all around the block. The boy amazes me. So, i had to push the cozy coupe and walk Jackson around the block, while he went crazy. I would tell him to get in his car, then he would get in, and get right out again.

Also gotta watch it with him with the coupe, cause it will fall on top of him sometimes. Kind of dangerous.

If you didn't know, we found him one of these last weekend at a yard sale. Lynn's been on the prowl for one and we just happened to have found this, after turning down the one we found on CraigsList, it was from teh same lady we bought his climber from, and really didn't want to repeat that experience. I first posted it here.

Here's some pics I took of Nate yesterday.

His new hat....
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Wednesday, June 27

Parking, Exclusively for me

So, today, I took my co-workers up to West Port to St. Louis Bread Co. WE got there and couldnt' find a place to park. A spot opened up, I parked in it. Turns out it had a sign that said, "Starbucks parking, one hour, violator's will be towed". So, I thought, "hey, i'm a starbuck, I can park here, right?". i didn't get towed, we stayed less then 10 minutes.

It's raining cats and dogs now. I am going to go to my doc appointment at 5 for followup on the Lyme's disease thing. She'll probably give me another EKG just to check to make sure that the baseline hasn't changed.

well, I'm getting dinner ready so Lynn can bake it while I'm gone.


Thursday, June 21

Been a while

Well, my parent's came into town last weekend so I've been pretty busy with that and stuff at work.

I'm winding down with my project at work, at least one piece of it. I'm writing a user interface to see stored documents that are sent to the clients. It's pretty cool learning the new technology, but it has been a pain working with some of the people on the project. Knowing that we set requirements 6 months ago, and now they want to change how things work. Great....

Tomorrow will hopefully be the end of it. I've got all my pieces done and will hopefully get to work on anothe piece soon.

Nate's starting the terrible twos already. Past couple of nights I've come home he has been a grumpy butt. He's not had good naps either. I am sure to give him plenty of bike rides and such though.

One bit of news today I heard was the AMA is thinking of making internet gaming a valid addiction. I could see it, a little. Other news I heard was to make these people eligible for Medicaid and stuff. I don't think so.... If so, take away their computer, but I guess the ACLU would have something to say about that.

On another front, probably the biggest news of all, I've tested positive for Borreliosis. I probably contracted it over Memorial Day at my parent's. Good news is I caught it early and have been taking antibiotics, so I shouldn't experience any long term effects. Hopefully.

Well, I don't have much else to say. TGIF is tomorrow so I am looking forward to the weekend, since the last one was so horrible (work situation, not my parent's).


Saturday, June 16

Changing of the banner.

HAd to change the banner today, If you don't know why, see Lynn's blog entry: No more fishes swimming in the bowl

My parents came down last night for the weekend. We went Yard Saling this weekend and it was just wild with everything. Nothing really good out there though. we need to learn to go to the good part of town first before we hit the parts closer to us. Never learn, never learn.

Nothing much else new. I didn't get much sleep last night due to a problem with the system at work. I'll sleep good tonight, hopefully.

Well, not much else to say.

R.I.P. Jack and Jill...
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Sunday, June 10

Incredible Hulk!

Lynn got Nate a few card board "bricks" from a lady out in O'Fallon. He loves knocking them down. Just so happens that the other day she got him a Spiderman and Incredible Hulk racers. There little cars with the two superheroes driving. Although, Hulk looks a LOT like the Jolly Green Giant (Ho Ho Ho). Or maybe it's Sprout, his sidekick.

Since I haven't posted much video lately on here, I thought I might add this one. I put the tv theme sound track to a 1982 animated Hulk show. I think I remember watching that one, oh so many years ago. All the posters I ever see of the Hulk are of him busting through walls anyways.

I'm personally not a big Hulk fan, but Nate doesn't seem to mind and as long as he's into comics, I'll be okay.

It may take a LONG time for dial up users to see this, so I really don't recommend fo you to try viewing it. but it is kind of cute to watch him flatten a "brick wall".

View this on LiveDigital

Got some pretty bad chigger bites on my right ankle. If anyone knows of any remedies, would appreciate. I read that the finger nail polish thing doesn't really work.


Friday, June 8

Where's the fence.

Heard this one on Laura Ingraham. Thought it was pretty funny. Reminded me of the old Wendy's Commercial's. Seems the immigration bill was killed today anyways.

Thursday, June 7

Ready to Ride

Lynn got Nate a new bike helmet for when he gets to ride in the bike trailer. He likes wearing it. Got a picture of it below.

Gotta go outside. Nate is playing, but I thought I would share.

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Sunday, June 3

Busy Weekend

Well, the weekend was quite busy. Friday night we had the wedding, of course, then Saturday morning we went Yard Saling. We spent about $40 the whole time. Got Nate a little bed and a new play set (a flower garden). The Spitzmiller's had one and he loved going in and out the door. This one was practically brand new so we got quite a bargain, I think.

That afternoon we traveled to Columbia, MO, for a cousin's graduation party. It was pretty fun. WE left at about 10:30 and drove back to STL and got here about 12:30. We pretty much just slept in this morning (as much as Nate would allow...).

I just picked Jackson up from the boarders. He seems to have had fun. It's a place called Happy Tails and their philosophy is to keep all the dogs together in one area. He loves it. Hope he doesn't mope around the next couple of days....

Well, not much else to say. When Nate wakes up for Nap hoping I can take him to the park. If he wakes up.. He's been going 3 and a 1/2 hours already.


Friday, June 1

Such a Nerd....

So, Lynn said that since we are sans Nate tomorrow morning (he's with the grandpa with the big truck), she wanted to go yard saling. A while back I had written a Java program to parse out the St. Louis Posts yard sales and to put them in a nice HTML format with links to yahoo maps to get directions.

Well, tomorrow is a big yard sale day, so I experimented and added each of them into Google maps, the MyMaps feature, so I could map out a nice map of St. Louis county and where all the yard sales are. You can see the results here

Looks like it is going to be a busy morning. We have to be back by 11 so I can pick up nate in Edwardsville at noon.

tonight we are going to the Jewell box in Forest park. Friend is getting married so we'll be out pretty late tonight partying.