Saturday, December 30

Tractor Store

Took Nate down to the Tractor store today. Grandpa got him a Combine. He loves combines.

Here's some pictures.

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Thursday, December 28


no, not the Condi kind. The grain.

Nate had some rice today, which he absolutely loved.
We are getting ready for Christmas with my parents this weekend. Should be fun.
I'll have to post more in the new year, so if I don't see you all till then, have a happy new year!!!

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Tuesday, December 26

Where are you Christmas????

Well, we've taken down the internal decorations for the Christmas STuff. Tree is sitting bare in the living room. Probably won't last there much longer. Still need to Christmas Shop for 2 more people and we'll be done then.

Nate and I had a lot of fun tonight. I spent 20 minutes with him playing Pat-A-Cake. We do a "pat them", "roll them", "poke them" (poking his tummy), and a "throw them in the pan" (his favorite). He also likes the mommy baked a cake and someone stuck a finger in it.

I attached one of Jackson's leashes to his Little Tyke car and dragged him to the end of the street tonight also. He loved it. Only fell off once. Landed on his Butt.

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
Roll it and pat it and mark it with "B"
And put it in the oven for Baby and me.


Monday, December 25

Christmas Morn!

Well, Christmas Morning has gone and past. We all had a good Time. Nate got a couple of board books, some cars, a BIG Tonka truck and a Weebalot Castle. He loves to listen to the castle play the music and watch the figures going around in circles. Fun! I also took him for a ride in the Tonka truck.

I'll have to post later about all my loot for Christmas.

Picture of Nate in his New Tonka Truck!!!

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Saturday, December 23

Glimmer of Hope

Weather forcasters said that we'd have some rain or wet snow on Christmas day, so still a chance of a white christmas, if ever so slim.....


Thursday, December 21

Weather Pixie

Added link over on the right. It's called a Weather Pixie. Gives a pictorial description of what the current weather here in St. Louis is like. Denver has a white Christmas most likely now, Pretty sure that St. Louis, will not.... Oh well.


Wednesday, December 20

Signing Baby

Tonight we had a little fun with Nate. I noticed that he would stand there with his mouth open and wag his tongue side to side going "mmmmmmmMMMMmmmm MMMMmmmmMM". So I caught it on video. Also, in Lynn's latest post she mentions all the words that he knows. So, we took Nate to task and asked them all of him. He's good.....


Monday, December 18

More Camo!

Okay, Here's Nate in his full regalia....

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We've posted more pictures of the Christmas Tree stuff on Lynn's Blog.

Saturday, December 16

Nate Vs. Santa

Okay, we took Nate to see Santa tonight and as you can see, didn't go so well. I've got a better pick with Santa, Lynn and Nate I'll post later,

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Here's another that I took with my camera. Still, not happy:
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Where's George?

Got a Dollar Bill today that had WWW.WHERESGEORGE.COM on it. turns out there is a website out there that tracks dollar bills. This bill only had one entry. It came from Jeff City, MO on Nov. 22nd.

You can track it here.

Hoping other people do something with it.


Friday, December 15

Nate in a Camo Hat

We got Nate's Camo Hat out today and put it on him. He looked so cute, but doesn't really like to wear it. There's sometimes that he is a bit distracted so you can leave it on his head.

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WE went out tonight to get a Christmas gift for my sister and everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, commented on how cute he was....

WE had a gift exchange at work today. I ended up with the game, Cranium. It is pretty fun. Kind of like Pictionary, charades, word games, all mixed into one. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, you have to have 4 players for it, so can't really play it that often. Maybe when Nate gets older with a little brother or sister?


Thursday, December 14

Horizon in sight

Well, tonight we finished up most of the Christmas Shopping, just two more people to go and we'll be done. Hopefully we can knock it out by this weekend. That will be nice.

WE've all been a little sick here lately. I've got a smidgen of a cold but have been taking my Cold-EEZE, the original one of a kind zinc cold remedy, clinacally proven to cut colds in half, so I can feel better. Oh geez, I'm a commercial.

Nate is getting so big lately. He can sign the words "dog" and "duck" and "hat". Don't know what those can get us, maybe we should concentrate on "i'm hungry", "I have to go to the bathroom", and "give me money"? Oh well.

No new pictures either. Christmas prep is pretty much done for us. The stockings are hung from the lowboy with care and we've got the big blow up snowman in the front lawn.

Well, I gotta go.


Tuesday, December 12

Feels like Monday

Since I was off on Monday, today feels like a Monday. Lynn is sick with a cold, and Nate is not doing much better. He's coughing a little, and has a really bad runny nose. Hopefully it cleared up a a little for them both today. They went to Chesterfield Mall today, hope they didn't get hit by the Collapsing Skylight. Lynn Assured me that they would be okay.

Pretty quiet tonight. got home around 4:30 and both Lynn and Nate are sleeping. Colds must really have knocked them out.

I'm posting a pic of Nate wearing my Starbucks' hat. He didn't really like wearing it, but I was able to take the pic quick enought before he took it off. He's also wearing Camo pants.

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Monday, December 11


Found this on YouTube. I thought it pretty funny.


Sunday, December 10

Christmas Lights up

Well, we got most of the Christmas lights done. I got the front gable of the house done, which is what we've always done in the past. I guess we can go the whole length of the house though. Just need to get out there tomorrow. Oh yeah, I'm taking tomorrow off also.

I also put up this HUGE snowman that my sister gave me. It's like 9' tall, and it is currently staring at our neighbor that is caddy corner to us. Need to straighten him out tomorrow also. but I'll get a pic for you all when It gets dark.

Nate was sick today with a cold, so I stayed home with him. We got a toy from Grandma's that we had actually gotten and brought it back. It has a sprially tower and stuff and he just loves it. There's a frog that goes down a tube and makes a noise, and it is all just so fun. He loves it.

I'll get a pic of the house on this entry later when it gets darker.

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Friday, December 8

Wacky and Tacky

Tonight is our Sunday School's "Wacky Tacky Christmas" party. Suppoesed to dress up in your tackiest christmas stuff. I don't got none. Oh well.

Had our bundle installation last night. turned out that only 1/2 of it was installed, so I got to get home early, 12:30 A.M. early. Got a pretty good sleep in though and came into work with no problems. That's good.

Lynn has dropped off Nate to her parents, we'll get him tomorrow. We had a lunch at Casa Galardo's. Good, even better that we had a coupon. I had the Chile Rellanos, and it was huge. Lots of cheese too.

Well, we are hoping that we get go to the Y together tomorrow and then we'll head up to Hillsboro and get NAte,


Thursday, December 7

Even Weirder news....

My Last post mentioned some weird news that came out. Saw this one at work today. Another news story claimed that it was a Stag Beer...

Here is the story.

A 66-year-old woman who told St. Louis police she shot her husband dead because he tried to give her a warm beer was charged Monday with first-degree murder.

Officials said Corine Jones killed her husband, Robert Jones, 71, on Sunday afternoon in the kitchen of their home in the 5100 block of Terry Avenue. Robert Jones was shot several times in the chest with a .38-caliber revolver.

She has a documented history of treatment for mental problems, authorities said. But mental illness does not necessarily preclude the filing ofcriminal charges.


Wednesday, December 6


Starbuck Dictionary Definition
ur [ur, uhr]
-make believe word
1. Word made up by Lynn so she could beat me at Scrabble.
ancient city in southern Mesopatamia


Okay, in all reality, when she put the word down, she was already like 50 points ahead of me. Oh well. Good Game of Scrabble anyways.

Strange news day. 12 year olds getting arrested for opening presents early, lady covering up flatulance, and the
mother charged with faking her son's retardation....


Tuesday, December 5

Who does he look like?

Gotten several comments lately from people on Nate regarding who he looks like. Thougth I would post some pics of me and my family as babies to see as a comparison....

Here is me as a baby. as a newborn and 1 month old
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This is my mom at 5 weeks:
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My brother Adrian, somewhere around 18 months or so:
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My sister Amy at 4 months:
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Me at 2 years:
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My niece, Ashton, at 25 months:
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Don't have any pictures of Nate to also show you, so I guess you'll have to look at another post to see one of him that ways.

Hope you all are doing well. We are getting Christmas Cards ready to mail out. Just one small thing to do first.


Monday, December 4

Now I don't feel so bad about our weather....

Our power came on around Noon on Saturday. Thankfully, it is like 20 degrees out there so we were able to save most of our food. Otherwise, I guess we'll have a small case of botulism otherwise.

Found out that they are re-implementing the bundle at work and it will be on Thursday night, so I will be up again late. No fun. Oh well. Part of the job. I am also implementing something else so that should be fun.

Not much else new. We are getting ready to send out Christmas Cards and such. Just need to finish up the letter and all.

Checked out the Yahoo! weather for Baghdad cause we have a family friend that is over there right now. This is what it said:

Current conditions as of 4:55 am AST





Saturday, December 2

No Power

Snow storm knocked out our power at 3:59 AM on friday morning. As of Saturday evening, I've sent Lynn to be with her parents. I've over at the Hawkin's enjoying an evening of light. I saw on the website that the order has been assigned to an Ameren person. so hopefully, we'll be running soon.