Monday, December 28

Christmas '09 at Starbucks

Following are pictures from our time at my folks.

Nate at the Christmas Eve Service. He was a King here, but later switched to be an angel.

Twins on Christmas Morning.

Jonathan on Christmas MOrning.

Grandpa feeding boys their first Pumpkin Pie.

Riley on Tractor

snow sledding.

Boys first Birthday Cake.

Riley and Cake

Jonathan and Cake.

Jonathan getting used to the Cake.

Little bit dirty.


Riley eating cake.



Jonathan and cake.

Boys and their coveralls.

Sunday, December 6

Pizza company again

On Saturday, we took Nate down to a Train Swap Meet in Fenton and he got to see a couple of displays.  We asked my sister and Mr. Dave to come on over also.  

To celebrate Mr. Dave's Birthday, which is Sunday, we took them to the Incredible Pizza Company.   Nate got to play some games and we put the twins on the Merry-go-round.  video below: