Wednesday, May 28

Two is better than one.

Well, we have exciting news here in the Starbuck Household. Lynn is expecting. Twins... We found out last week when we had to take Lynn to the emergency room for some issues. Lynn will probably blog about that incident in her blog, someday...

While there, the head doc did an ultrasound to see if the baby was affected. He looked up at us mid examine and asked if we took fertility drugs.. we asked, umm, why? He said he saw two embryos... Wow.. Later, our old OB said don't trust him, likely that he didn't know what he was talking about. Turns out that he was right. Lynn went yesterday and it was confirmed we have twins.

I've put a web widget in the right hand bar to show the progress of the pregnancy and all.

Here's ultrasound pics...



Wednesday, May 21

Wednesday at MIlls

Tonight, we took everyone out to the Mills (St. Louis) for some fun. We went over to the Nascar speedway park. Nate had a blast riding the little kiddy rides. If you look you can see him as the ride whips around the corner really fast. It's kind of sad cause they don't give him much time to ride it. Only about 5 times around.

Included below are some pictures of my nieces boyfriend and my sister along with Nate.

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Tuesday at the Zoo

So yesterday we all went to the Zoo. Nate had a great time. As you can see from the pictures on the right, we did quite a lot. That's my niece in the medium sized meercat in the first picture. Surprised it turned out so good.

In the next pic, Nate is in front of the penguin exhibit. He looks like quite the conquerer with his leg up like that. He enjoyed looking at the penguins.

We got to see plenty of the animals on Tuesday. They were out and active also, and of course, Nate got to ride the train.

Well, need to go to bed.

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Tuesday, May 20

King of Beers...

Well, My niece and her boyfriend are down for the week to stay in st. Louis. Yesterday, I took them to the Anheusier-Busch brewery here in town. It was free and interesting. They sure do hype their beer a lot. At the end, I sampled some lime-beer product they were newly marketing. It wasn't that great...

Here is my niece graduating on Sunday:
AshtronGraduation 040 (Small)

Nate had a blast, as always, up at Grandpa's farm. He is obsessed with the haybarn now and likes to play peek a boo with the dogs through the hole in the wall.
Nate in the haybarn

Here's another pic of him in the haybarn:
Nate in the Haybarn

Wasn't as fascinated as much with the pigs. The Mule still had him enthralled though. We also took him fishing down on the pond and Lynn caught some sunnies to show off to him so he got to touch a fish...

Here he is after we went out to my brother's farm. If you look at the bottom right of his shirt, he has some manure on it. Apparently he had fallen or rubbed against something:
Nate with Manure.

Before we left, Nate got to feed a calf:
nate feeding the calf

Today we are going to head out to the Zoo. Should be enjoyable...


Thursday, May 15

Class Action Lawsuit

Got an e-mail today. we are part of a class for the Thomas the Tank Engine Lead Paint recall class action lawsuit. Back last September or so when we got Nate the Train Table, it came with some Thomas stuff. I found out then that a couple of small pieces (they weren't trains) were part of the recall. Sent them back in and they sent a couple back. Guess that is how we got on their list.

Apparently, the lawyers are already taking 2.9 million for this. If I file, we will probably get a free toy. They sent us a "weather car" as a bonus for the original recall. Our luck it would be the same car again....

Leaving tomorrow for up home. Should be a good time.


Tuesday, May 13

Little Man Goatee

Last night the ice cream truck came through the neighborhood. I thought I might introduce Nate to this concept. I wanted to get him a Snoopy ice cream bar, but they didn't have it. So I got him a cookie bar (ice cream bar covered in Oreo cookie crumbs). He went to town on it and at the end, his whole mouth was covered in chocolate cookies. Looked like a Little Man Goatee. Should have taken a pic....


Sunday, May 11

Cold and Colds

Everyone in the house has a cold. It's pretty bad. we didn't do anything today after church.

Today was our last "official" day at EFree. Lynn has finished up her teaching obligation so I guess we will be trying out Grace for a while as a family and see how that goes. we've really been enjoying the parents group that we go to on Fridays. We are one of the younger couples, but everybody seems to be really cool.

Yesterday we headed up to SPringfield to celebrate Birthdays and Mom's day on Lynn's side of the family. It was a good time, Nate enjoyed playing with his cousins.

I just got home from work tonight. I had an implementation to do, and they guy that was doing the installing, didn't have 100% access to actually do the installs, so we had to call another guy to do it, and it ran me over 30 minutes than what I had thought. But it all turned out okay.

Hopeing that this week goes quickly. Next weekend we head up to my parents for my niece's HS Graduation and then she is supposedly coming down the following week!


Saturday, May 3

Free Comic Book Day

Today is Free Comic Book Day!!! It's designed so that kids can get into comic reading. I took Nate over and he seemed to be more interested in running down the aisles and touching things he wasn't supposed too. Oh well...