Saturday, November 28

Christmas Tree '09

WE went over to POcahontas, IL today to get our Christmas Tree. Following pics are what we did:

Thursday, November 19

Riley's mobile... sort of

Riley has been crawling around lately.... Doing the ARmy crawl. Interesting in this video to compare the two's speeds....

Saturday, November 14

Mouse Clicks

I can do
in 30 secs.
Are you faster?

Sunday, November 1

Bathtime with the twins

Got these pics of the boys tonight while taking their bath. Riley is quite the splasher, while Jonathan likes to chew on toys...

Halloween '09

HEre's some pics of our Halloween last night.   Jonathan and Riley were Dogs, Nate was a Fire Chief.    WE did a  little trick or treating and then I took Nate over to the fire station so he could talk to a Pumpkin. 

Nate did pretty cool with everything.  He didn't seem to be afraid of any of the ghoulies or anything last night Sure that will change...

Riley and Jonathan.

Riley in the puppy outfit.

All my boys...  Jonathan is chewing on a glow stick.

Here's Nate with the talking pumpkin.