Saturday, June 27

"new" computer

Well, my co-worker was able to get me a new hard drive on my computer and saved all the valuable "family photos" and such off the old disk. So, it's kind of like I have a "new" computer now. All the settings are back to factory and some of my old apps need to be reloaded, so I spent a lot of last night downloading my Mozilla, OpenOffice, Picasa, etc down and loading them up.

New drive has one tera-byte worth of storage capacity. for the computer science deficient out there, it is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. I guess you can think of it like a trillion....

Boys in their Tie Dye...

Jonathan as a cardinal Fant

Lynn tried giving the boys some food.they didn't really take to it just yet....


Friday, June 26

Jonathan Jumperoo

Lynn went out last night and got the twins a Jumparoo. Jonathan just loves it. Here's a video of him jumping in it:

Untitled from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 23

Fun PIc

Lynn took the following picture the other day of Riley and Nate. Funny that we never get pics of all three together.

Things have been going pretty good here. We got our washer fixed thanks to my dad and my sister. She came by last night to get it installed, and we were able to figure out how to put the thing back together with the new valve. It runs like brand new again, which is good.

Boys have really been growing up. both are doing good, and Riley's head is really rounding out with the helmet.

My computer is on the fritz so I had a co-worker look at it. He says I have too much stuff on my hard drive so he is going to try to delete some stuff off tonight and get it to work okay. That will be good. I was looking forward to getting new computer, but not looking forward to getting new one to be just like I want it (loading all the old stuff back on and getting all the pics and files from days gone by in there).

My tomatoe plants are growing quite nicely in the back yard. there are even some small green tomatoes forming. will be good.

Well, need to go.


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Wednesday, June 17

Nate and The Planter Video

Here's a video I took of Nate this weekend. Funny at the end he decides to NOT go running to the planter?!?

Nate and Question on the Planter from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12

anniversary, and a benefit.

Last weekend we headed up to my parents for my Aunt Joanne's 50th wedding anniversary (and Uncle Bill als0. Had a good time meeting with the family and all. Got some pics below and I'll try my best to describe... sorry if some of them are repeats....

The benefit was Saturday night for my Middle School English Teacher's husband who had lung cancer. Unfortunately, he died Friday morning so the benefit turned into more of a celebration of his life after the visitation Saturday night.

Nate got in plenty of Mule riding (Grandpa even bellied it out on a tracter rut so we got to pull it out via the tractor), Pumpkin Pie eating, a hair cut from my 2nd cousin, behaved while we all gave blood Friday afternoon, stayed away from the fire during the hot dog roast Sunday night..

Good weekend overall...


Nate and Hogs.

Jonathan and spit...

Nate and one of the combines...

Riley and Helmet!

Cows! Beef Cows!

Nate and My brother's old Ford Pinto. Contrary to popular belief, it didn't explode...

Pumpkin pie.. He LOVES it...

Throwing Nate

Nate LOVES pumpkin pie...

Nate wondering around by himself.

Me throwing Nate.

Nate and the Planter. I have a video I'll need to post about this one later.

Nate running around a tree..


Sunday, June 7

Swimming Pool and Jonathan Kicks

Nate has a new Swimming pool. Caught the following video today of him going down slide: Check out my July 2008 post of his Old Pool Video!

Nate and HIs Swimming Pool '09 from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Picture of him getting ready to go down the slide:
Image Hosted by

here's a video of Jonathan kicking:

Monday, June 1


Had a pretty decent weekend. Saw friend Eric on Friday night with Gaming night. Saturday went yard saling with sister Amy and Mr. Dave and Nate came a long also. We found Nate this LIttle Tykes "Adventure Mountain" which he can play his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars on. It's missing a loop to loop, but I ordered one off eBay so he has got a replacement. Lady selling sounds like she is quite serious about the things cause she goes into all the physics of how to make a car do a successful loop to loop. Sunday we headed over to Columbia for a first cousin's once removed HS graduation party. I was good to visit with some family that hadn't seen in a while.

Saturday night, Lynn took Nate out for a date night. Nate had fun with Mom as they went to the toy store at the Mills (PBS kids mall to Nate, although they've removed all references to PBS Kids..).

The boys laying on the couch.

Jonathan has taken to grabbing his toes lately. Pretty funny to watch...

Nate was "Fixing" the sink sunday morning...

Twins again, just lying on the floor at cousin Edie's....

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