Wednesday, January 28

Digging out.

We had over six to eight inches of snow yesterday so today Nate and I got out and shoveled off the driveway. I took most of the snow and piled it into one big pile so that Nate could play with it. He had a blast taking his sled down the little hill.


Saturday, January 24

Family Chiropractic Care

Yesterday, we took Nate and the twins in to see Dr. Gina for some adjustments. Twins checked out okay, and Nate had a slight slant to his torso, which Dr. Gina fixed. It was a little odd to see her apply same technique to him that she does to me, and he didn't complain a bit. After they were all done, she offered for me to get some work too, which I took her up on, since I've not had anything for 1 and a half years.

Took Nate back up to BigFoot again yesterday with Aunt Amy and Mr. Dave. He loves that place. he also got to go to the PBS Kids Mall (St. Louis Mills).

We went to a trivia night last night. didn't do so hot as a table. They had some categories such as fill in the lyrics to songs and name the constellations. Wasn't good...


Thursday, January 22

Big Foot Sighting

Nate is really into Monster Trucks today, so I took him up to Hazelwood so that he could see the Daddy of all Monster Trucks, Big Foot. He loved walking around it asking me what all the parts were. Me being mechanically non-inclined, tried my best ("That makes it go...").

22_Big_Foot 025 (Small)

22_Big_Foot 059 (Small)

22_Big_Foot 112 (Small)


Sunday, January 11

New Camera

Well, yesterday I broke my digital camera of 6 years so I went out today and got a new one. Took the following picture with it of the twins. Riley is the one with his eyes open:
x11_new_Camera 004 (Small)

Lynn and I are alone with the twins now. We've sent Nate up to Springfield to be with his cousins for a week. I miss the guy, but it will be easier this week to take care of the twins with him gone. He'll be back in a week though.

Riley and Jonathan are doing great. we have a doc appointment for them Monday morning and then we'll figure out what else is going on.


Friday, January 9

Thursday, January 8


Finally got pictures of both of the twins together, finally. I was taking pics while the "hospital" picture lady was taking them. Maybe tomorrow we'll get more pics without weird angels.. Riley is in Green, Jonathan is in the blue...

08 026 (Small)

08 038 (Small)

08 036 (Small)

Wednesday, January 7

Pictures of the 'lil ones.

My Pictures on facebook are here:

Nate Kissing Jonathan.

Nate holding Riley.

Nate holding Riley again.


Tuesday, January 6


Riley Charles and Jonathan David made their appearance today at 11:11 and 11:12 am respectively.

Riley weighed in at 7lb 3oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
Jonathan was 7lb and 15oz and 21 inches long.

Mom and babies are doing fine.

Thursday, January 1

Sandbox play in December

Back this last week, Nate got to play outside in his sandbox. Who would think you could do that in December?

27-SandBox 007 (Small)

Looks like I will get to go back to work on Friday, if the babies don't decide to come.