Monday, July 31

so funny

Nothing much new today. went to target looking for a plain white t-shirt for nate.

I thought this video was so funny....


Friday, July 28

Uber Cool!!!

Just found a website tonight that states that one of my favorite fantasy trilogies is being made into a movie. DragonLance will be made into an animated movie for release next fall. Can't wait. Those books are like Uber cool!

Nothing much new around here. Power is back on. Refridgerator's are cleaned out.
My mom and dad came down Tuesday night briefly to pick up a grill. We went to El Maguey's for dinner. Pretty authentic Mexican food.

We need to find Nate a costume for the fair up home for the baby contest. Theme is Western. Cowboy boots and hat? Bandanna? don't know what yet. HOpefully we can get everything figured out by then. don't want him to get over heated though.

Here's some recent pics of Nate for your enjoyment to view!

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Me and Nate reading the Saturday Paper together:
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Picture I took tonight of Nate:
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Saturday, July 22

What a week

Well, it has been quite the week. Spent most of the first half recovering from a bad cold. Ick. Doc had given me some Amoxicillon and Allegra to relieve some of the symptoms. Feeling pretty good now, just a little bit of the sniffles.

Wednesday night I took Nate out to Sam's to pick up some pictures we had developed. It was from the previous weekend when we went swimming at the Aquaport. It was fun. Most of the pics turned out, some didn't because we took them after sunset.

Just so happened while we were in Sam's a big storm hit the whole area. It was a big un. Knocked out power to ½ million peoples in St. louis. We were without power until Thursday afternoon, when it came up. Lynn took Nate up to her parent's just to get some air conditioning.

Well, Friday night, another one came through and took out our power again. As of now, it's still out. Hoping that it comes on soon, but I know that Ameren is trying… TRYING (hopefully) it's best… to get it all okay. Mayor Slay is a little disappointed in their response. We'll see


Sunday, July 16

I stand Amazed

So, I haven't written for a while. I have gotten this horrible cold last week so I've been pretty much out of commission. I worked a late night on Wednesday, and I think those really knock me out, Thursday was pretty bad, sleep deprived and tired and achy from colde, called in sick on Friday. Doc gave me some antibiotics and Allegra to fight it off. In decent shape to go to work tomorrow, but unfortunately, have given this all to Lynn.

My title is in reference to watching Nate develope. This last week, he's gone from being a cute drooling baby, to a cute drooling crawling and motor skills enhanced baby.
Guess he doesn't rate as a "toddler" just yet.

Anyway, he's started to crawl since the last post, we've let him go at it and he's made a complete circle of our house. He's also learned how to open and shut the entertainment center doors. luckly, nothing in there to get. He's also developed some motor skill in that he'll take one of his blocks and put it back in the bucket. Well, some of the time at least. He's got these rings that he'll take off the post and stack them on the bucket also. Pretty cool.

Friday afternoon Lynn was taking a well deserved nap and she had put Nate down to take one also. He didn't want anything to do with it. I went in there to calm him down, AND HE WAS STANDING IN HIS CRIB. the boy had pulled himself up. So I took him and got him into the rocker and he fell asleep in my arms for about 40 minutes, and Lynn took a picture of it all. I was later able to transfer him to the crib, which he fussed, but then he slept for another hour or so.

picture is below.

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Sunday, July 9


Took Nate to the Zoo yesterday. It was busy, even though we went later in the day.

Got this picture of us together:
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IT was a great time though. we saw all the essentials (Bears, Elephants, Giraffes, tigers). Can't wait till he's older to see them. He didn't really much care this time around, more people watched than anything. Just a chance for mom and dad to get out this time around.

Nate had a fever this morning so I stayed at home from Church while Lynn went in to teach our class.

More pics:
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Tuesday, July 4

operation basement reclaimation

Lynn and I spent this morning cleaning out the store room in our basement. We have a whole stack of stuff not that we'll be taking to GoodWill. I can say that I think we are done with the basement for awhile, and it's good to have a place to retreat to, especially in this hotter weather that is a bit cooler.

But, feel sorry for the trash guy. He has a couple of tons of trash to haul off tomorrow. heheh.

Going to try something new, and try to work out at the Y in the mornings before I go to work. have done it twice last week and did it a couple of times on my vacation, just to get the feel of how busy it may be that early. Seems to not be that horribly bad. I think I can stick with it. Checked out some more books from the library so I can familiarize myself with what I need to do to get a little bit more in shape.

WEll, I am just hoping that I can make it through the rest of hte week at work and then it will be the weekend. Nate had a first tonight. He went from his Belly to a sitting position all by himself. Lynn, I and Miss Vesta all got to see him do it together. Glad I could see at least ONE first.

WEll, I gotta go prepare for going to bed.