Thursday, October 29

Jonathan is pulling himself up

Lynn took this picture the other day when she was waking up the twins.  Jonathan is now pulling himself up on the crib. Cool.  he's not really pulled himself up on other stuff from what I can tell, but I'm sure that he's done.

Thursday, October 22

Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Lynn took the boys to the pumpkin place today and got these pictures...

Sunday, October 18

Bowling for Ashton

My niece, Ashton, came into town this weekend and Nate and I met up with her at the Bowling Alley and played some Bowling. Nate really enjoyed it. He had a whole lane to himself with the bumpers up and he had a blast. I took pictures of each of his scores...

Saturday, October 17

sick kidos

Seems like everyone in the house has some kind of sickness or the other.     So we endue, though.  Jonathan went to the ER with Lynn yesterday and we found out he has pneumonia, just a slight case though, so we hope to stop that one really quick.

Above is a pic I took of Riley eating the other day.  Always fun to get pics of them at their messiest.  

My niece Ashton is in town today, so I will probably be taking Nate out to go bowling with them later,


Tuesday, October 13

Jonathan Claps

Okay, to continue the theme of Jonathan Achievements, he has been starting to clap today:

Jonathan Claps from jason starbuck on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 10

Jonthan Crawls

Got our first video of Jonathan crawling yesterday! He's going to be quite the mover we think...

Untitled from jason starbuck on Vimeo.


Wednesday, October 7

Visit to the FireStation

Took Nate to the Maryland Heights FIre District open house last Saturday. He got to climb into Fire trucks and we got to see the firemen do a demonstration on a Ford Explorer. TOok the top right off...


Nate doing floor puzzle

MH Police dept. doing an car extraction demonstration. They cut the top off the car completely

Nate and I at the MH fire district open house.

Nate and I at the MH fire district open house.