Sunday, August 26


Well, I had another run in with another kid of impolite origins. I took Nate out Saturday Morning to do some Yard Sales. We were at one and Nate found some trucks and stuff to play with. Well, this kid walks up, grabs all 4 or so toys that were out there and told me "You have to buy the toys to play with them..". I just grabbed Nate and left. Sheesh.

Had the exact opposite effect at the next sale. There was a kid there, said Nate was a cute kid. We bought Nate a "Hot Wheels" train set for $3. He loves it. The kid even offered to help me take it too the car. Now that is courtesy.

I'm hoping the first one doesn't decided to go into any job in the service industry...

I'll have either video or photos of Nates new train up soon...


Thursday, August 23

Simple "Thank you" would suffice

I took Nate up to our neighborhood park to play on the playground equipment.

While we were playing a kid came up and asked me if I could fix the chain on his bike. I took it and tried putting it on one way, didn't work, tried the other and it finally caught.

Kid didn't say a word. Hello, "Thank You"!!!! So here I was, my hands covered in grease and my son is in him bestest white shirt. Thankfully I was able to wash my hands in the water fountain (sounds real sanitary, eh) and just wiped my hands on my shorts (their urban camo, doesn't hurt 'em).

Luckily, didn't leave any handprints on Nate.



Got an e-mail from Home Depot now. They are selling computers? Guess any day now, everybody will be specializing in everything so nobody will be an expert or the defacto leader in that industry. Kind of like how the banks are going now. You can go there and get stocks, Mutual funds, insurance.. Also, how McDonalds is getting into the video rental business.

If you have read Lynn's Blog you may know that we planning a trip to Indiana in Sept. I've done a little research so far. Should be a great time. We are going to be in the Southern part, so we can take a jaunt over to Kentucky if need be.

Well, I need to go pay attention to Nate.

quick ebay update. selling some BabyWise books I picked up at a yard sale. They are up to $7.75


Wednesday, August 22

Trust Nothing (unless it's God)

So, today at work, I got hit with a big whammy with the new application I implemented. There is a security technique called "trustNothing" which Jones uses. It's basically a measure where all the URLs that get passed into the app are parsed out with all their parameters and verified against a regular expression. Well, with our app, there is an option where the user can switch to a different app, and come back. App B is inserting a secret parameter into my stuff, which causes the user to loose their user authentication so they have to resign on again. Kind of a problem, actually the way it is set up, they'll never be able to get back into my application unless they close the browser.

Bummer. So tonight I need to go in and test a quick fix I've done and hopefully I can get it all resolved for tomorrow night's implementation. I'm piggy backing with some other people on this change so I should be okay with everything.

My Proj Leader also called me at home tonight and discovered that a major accessing issue was being caused by another group, big load off my shoulders....

Well, I need to head into work to test my apps changes. Will need to post more tomorrow night again, and get some more pics of Nate.


Monday, August 20

Nate and Thomas

Couple of weeks ago, my sister got Nate a "Beginner's Thomas Set". Pretty much a round piece of track with a pull back Thomas engine. Nate loves it.

I made a video of his first night with it. The boy loves Thomas. I'm still looking on eBay for a good lot of tracks and trains for him. Looking like I may need to spend around $100 to find a nice lot, but should be worth it. The stuff seems to keep it's value.

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Sunday, August 19

Nate Goes Fishing

We spent the weekend at Lynn's parents and got a chance to take Nate out to the pond for fishing. Chuck got Nate a fishing pole, Cars themed.

He seemed to have enjoyed it, liked seeing the fishes when they got caught, and was able to reel the pole in by himself also. Pretty cool.

When we got home this afternoon, we pretty much packed the car up again and went to our friend's son's 1rst birthday party also. It was fun, we stayed for the whole thing and helped clean up and stuff.

Pictures follow:

Lynn shows Nate how to reel:
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I show Nate how to reel:
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Letting Nate do it by himself:
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Nate never caught anything, we did get a nibble at the start, but he's just a little too young to quite understand it just yet, but maybe next summer, he'll know a little bit more and we can try again.


Friday, August 17

Beauty Pagent Movies

Don't know what it is, but I keep getting the Beauty Pagent movies. Lynn and I watch Little Miss Sunshine tonight. It was rather entertaining, some harsh language in it though. Kind of illustrated that a disfunctional family can pull together in time of crisis and do what it takes to get things done.

I had got it from the library since I had heard about it during the Academy Awards or something. It had like 300 waits on it, that is why it took 8 months for me to get it. Got another movie reserved too, so maybe get it before Christmas.

making about $40 off some stuff I'm selling on eBay. Half the stuff didn't even get bite, but couple of nibbles. Guess I have to market them better, eh?

Gotta ship out one package for a guy tomorrow.


Thursday, August 16

National Night Out - one week later

The weather was pretty cool tonight, there was a wind and stuff. We got Nate outside and let him play with his Basketball and little car. he had a blast. Our neighbor Trish (or was it Jeanne?) saw us and came to say "hi". Then our other neighbor came home. First time I've stood within 20 feet of him I think. Nice enough guy. Our own little National Nite Out.

Had a change I did tonight at work. It was successful. Other problems with the database. Seems we have over 12 million items in a database we are working with and need to develop some efficient queries to get them better. Actually, the queries are fine, it's the database structure that needs tweaking. Unfortuately, for my work, a lot of the Oracle DBAs, that's Database Administrators, have been leaving for higher pay, so we are lacking a bit in the experience dept. oh well. Nothing I have to worry about too much.

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Saturday, August 11

Don't understand cat People...

Saw this video on Yahoo!. Kind of crazy. It's like a sea of cats in this woman's house.

Of course there is this "Got Milk" commercial too. Pretty funny...

THings are going okay here. Today, Nate and I went out Yard saling. didn't really strike too well, but I did pick up some books on the Cheap. WEnt to the Y twice also, because Lynn had her Diaper Shower today. It went pretty well, given only 3 gals showed up. But all is okay I guess.

I've put about 8 items up on ebay at once. Hopefully, they'll sell. Got a bid already on my KVM switch. $3. I think I paid $14 for it, but I don't need it anymore, especially since we are down to 1 desktop and one laptop.


Wednesday, August 8

My work Stinks!

No, really, it stinks. The building I work in has an atrium where they have all this dirt and plants with mulch and all. they've decided to dig them up and concrete over them. Digging up all that dirt is giving the building quite the earthly/moldy smell.

Well, Nate is demanding my attention. I'll blog


Monday, August 6

Land O' Lincoln

This weekend, we headed up North east to see Lynn's friend Wayne get married. This was up in Bloomington/Normal Illinois. We dropped Nate off in Springfield on Saturday and headed up there for a 2 o'clock wedding. we were almost late, walked into the church 5 minutes before the wedding started.

Got lost all over the place in that town. I guess since it is actually two towns, it messes the streets up a bit. the reception was 2 hours after the main ceremony and it took us that long to actually find the site. Guess I should've printed out the actually map. I had google'd the directions, but they weren't exactly clear, also, downtown Normal was having construction.

Got a call during the service. My doc let me know that I still had some Lyme disease stuff in me, so I am back on some antibiotics for 2 weeks. bummer. Don't feel any malaise or anything from it.

Well, Nate just got up. He had a blast at his cousins.


Friday, August 3

Bike Scratch Fever

Nate is always getting into some kind of trouble. Tonight, he insisted on walking over to my bike and pushed it over. When it fell, it caught his leg and scraped some scratches into his leg. He cried a little bit, but I put him into the bath and that seemed to make him happy, I needed to do a little extra rocking also.

Nothing really new going on. we have a wedding we are going to tomorrow.

No new words on Nate's Vocab list yet. he's said "star", so I guess that is a new word?

WEll, I need to get to bed. I've got to get up early for the Y so I can finish my John Grisham book The Brethren.