Sunday, April 26

Earthday update!

Okay, I know it is not earthday, but it's close enough and since my last post wasn't since Easter, thought I would have another post regarding some other Holiday...

Things are pretty much the same around here. Have started to mow the lawn, and it looks atrocious. CAn't count the number of weeds and stuff there is out there. will need to get on a serious regimum to kill them all out.

Nate has become quite a natural at working the computer. He has some issues with the mouse wheel and clicking on the right button, but he can navigate pretty good. Will need to set him up to learn Java pretty soon. Well, he'll need to learn to read first.

Riley and Jonathan are doing good also. Jonathan is a pretty laid back kid, Riley, not so much. Still love the both of them though.

Yesterday, had the in-laws down so that we could celebrate MIL's birthday. Fun time was had by all and all the cousins got to play with each other.

Lynn's birthday is quickly approaching. she presented a list to me, so I am trying to knock it out pretty quick. Will still need to conquer Mother's day also...

My work is still going okay. They've implemented some cost cutting measures, none of them being laying off people, so that is good. They are allowing voluntary leave if you want to take it. I don't think I will need to take it since I already have like 20 days of vacation. they did take away my hot chocolate, so that is my one sore point.

Speaking of vacation, I will be taking Wed. off so Lynn can go see her favorite Massage Theropists for an hour. She'd been hinting for quite sometime and I finally took the bait. I will be taking the day off to watch the kids that afternoon, I think Nate and I will hang out in the morning, probably take him to the Incredible Pizza Co.? Well, Lynn and R&J can come too.

Riley and Jonathan
"Riley and Jonathan" by buckyodie.

Riley and Jonathan
"Riley and Jonathan" by buckyodie.

26_SandysBirthday 033
"26_SandysBirthday 033" by buckyodie.

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Friday, April 17


Friday, April 10

I let him Fall Asleep

Tonight, i was tasked with watching Nate and Jon as Lynn had a girls night out (she took Riley). I put Jonathan in the bouncy seat and he seemed content there. I was playing on the computer and turned around to see him laying like this, so I had to take a picture:

nATE AND i had a pretty fun day. I put him down for Nap at 3:30 and he is still sleeping as of 9PM. I tried to wake him up,but I don't think it is going to happen now....


Monday, April 6

more pics of the boys

Did a little photo session of the boys last night. the outfits were supplied by a friend so we thought we would get pics. Nate had to getin on the action also.

Yesterday was our anniversary so we celebrated by cleaning the basement. afterwards, we went to Nick and Elenas for Pizza. was as good as ever.


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Thursday, April 2

Some pics of Riley

Just some random pics of Riley that Lynn had take the other day.

01_Riley_Roo 005 (Small) (2)

01_Riley_Roo 019-1 (Small)

01_Riley_Roo 011 (Small)-1