Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

WEll, we had a good Halloween. Go to Lynn's blog for all the details.

But, below are Nate's costumes for Halloween:

Star Fleet
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Monday, October 30

Most Violent City in America?

Study just came out claiming that St. Louis is the Most Dangerous City in America. With characters like the following that we found in Maryland Heights, It comes without a doubt...

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Lynn and I carved these tonight. Just need to remember to go out and blow out the candles tonight. It was a lot of fun. we are all ready of for the trick or treaters tomorrow.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 29

GGPa and GGMa

Went up to Springfield this weekend to see Lynn's GrandParents, Nate's Great Grands.

Have some pictures below. Nothing much else to say. we cleaned a little out of the office today and that is done for a while. Just need to organize some of the past statements and stuff.

5 Generation pictures....
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Nate and Lynn:
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Thursday, October 26

Mall of Memphis

So, on our way back from Alabama, we went through Memphis, TN. It was around lunch time so we thought we would stop by the Mall of Memphis to get some lunch. Only problem, it wasn't there. Turns out it was on the map, dated 2003, but it closed that year and was demolished also. Too bad. The pics on the site, which is a memorial to the place (weird), show it to be pretty modern and stuff. Shame. The area did seem a little blighted though.

Tomorrow we head up to the Hughsons' so we can go to Springfield on Saturday and see Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. First time for Nate to see his Great-Grands.

Should be fun.


Tuesday, October 24

Sweet Home Alabama

Well, this weekend we went to Alabama to see my friend John Spitzmiller and wife Ginger and kids. They live in Huntsville.

We left Thursday night around 4:30 and stopped off in Nashville, TN for the night. We stayed at the Red Roof Inn. It was a pretty good room, only the latch on the bathroom door didn't quite latch all the way, so little Nate would come and push open the door, because he wanted to look in the mirror that was attached to the door. He behaved pretty well and we got a good sleep.

That morning we got up and drove to Columbia, TN and stopped off at a diner called Lucille's. I wouldn't recommend it. Lynn got the ham steak, it smelled like wet socks. Also I got biscuits and gravy and the gravy had weird grease globules in it. Horrendus. We only ate half our stuff and left. We stopped by Lynchberg, TN next and visited the downtown. That is the home of Jack Daniel's. We got to see some Tennesee walking horses also, along with some Tennesee walking cows (not that impressive, they walk, BIG DEAL!!!).

That night we went to Huntsville and ate at Beauregard's. It's such a great place.

Saturday we went to Fall's Mill. Sunday we went to their church, Jackson Way Baptist Church .

Monday we came back. Nate was so good in the car. Although we had to play lots of peek-a-boo. He got to stop and eat at his first Flying J Truck Stop. I had the roast beef plate, it was good.

Of course, we didn't take Jackson, He was boarded up at Happy Tails Pet Motel. He is pretty tired right now. they do an open boarding, crateless policy. He's a good pup though. I will post pictures soon of the trip.

Here's a pic of us in front of the Mill:
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Here's Lynn and Nate standing next to a machine that is powered by a walking dog!
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Picture of the Mill from a far:
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Monday, October 23

Place Holder Entry

I've been out all weekend, so I'm putting this entry in here to let you all know that I am still editing this.

I'll try to get something tomorrow night.


Wednesday, October 18

Croup T-shirts

Well, You'll have to read Lynn's BLog to read about nate's most current condition. Nate has Croup. All the details are over on her blog, and it is jepordizing our trip to Alabama. IF we don't go, we may spend Friday Christmas shopping?

Haven't posted any pics of Jackson lately, so I post this one. Lynn took it a while back. I've raked all our leaves onto our patio and now it rained on them. I will need to bag them this weekend if we don't go anywhere. Rain takes a lot of leaves off the trees..

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And an extra bonus, this is a pic of my Neighbor, Vesta's Great-Grandchildren (Mason, Logan, Sara & Hannah). Took this last night when we went over to see them.
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Tuesday, October 17

Picture Day!!!!

On Sunday, we took Nate down to Forest Park so that he could get some pics took professionally. they look like they will turn out pretty good.

Thursday night we leave to head to Alabama to see my college Friend John Spiztmiller. Haven't seen them in 10 months or so. They came up here when Nate was three months old. Be fun to see them again. Highlight of the trip will be going to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. It's where all of your lost luggage ends up. Kind of like a thrift store, but supposedly better merchandise.

Our big challenge is how Nate is going to behave in the car. Hopefully he will get a good sleep in thursday night. we'll get a hotel somewhere along the way.

Well, I probably need to go find some hotel info just in case.


Saturday, October 14

My apologies

to the lady that was in the men's locker room today at the Y....

Of course, why were you in there in the first place? I assume that you were there with a grandson or something, but really lady.... Sorry you had to see my backside and all.


Honestly, there was this old lady in the men's locker room at the Y. I had just gotten out of the steam room (I'm trying that out. don't really understand it. it's just hot. They had the episode of Friends on last night where Chandler gave his Father-in-law an unintentional lap dance in the steamroom. but I digress). I rounded the corner and she was standing there using the swim suit dryer. I didn't really get a good look, didn't want to stare, but I swear it was a 70 something lady. and it wasn't like she was near a door. She was fully clothed, actually wearing a jacket.

I'm confused by it all.

the Y was busy today. they had a open house, so I guess people could come in free. It's always a bit busy on Saturday's though. Maybe that lady was confused.

Well, she got a good look at my backside if she was really interested in watching. It was just strange.....


Back to normal?

Well, it has been a hectic week. Like I said in my last post, my grandfather, Woodrow Starbuck, passed away last Sunday. We packed up on Monday and left that night to go back home. The funeral was on Wednesday. It was good to see all the cousins and all.

Here's a pic of Nate that we took while we were up there:
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Nothing else is much new. we are trying to get back to a normal routine right now. I am going to try to head to the Y this morning when Nate goes down for a nap, and then it's off to the hardware store for some new lightbulbs for the microwave and some plumber's tape so I can switch out the water valve on the dishwasher.


Thursday, October 12

Quick update

Sorry to you all for not getting updates the past few days.

My grandfather passed away on Sunday and we went up on Tues. thru Thur. for the funeral. I'll give more details later, but just to let you all know that i haven't forgotten about y'all.


Saturday, October 7

Founder's Day

Well, tonight we went to the ST. Louis Science Center to Celebrate Edward Jones being such a great company to work for. We got there at 6:30 and ate for like an hour and a half. The lines to the food stations was attrocious and they just gave us these realyly small plates to work with. Kind of hard when you are trying to feed a family of three while mom and babe sit at the table to rest....

Nate fell in love with his plate and started to play with it. we stuck it on his head and the static electricity caused it to stay on his head, so we took the following pic of me and him with it...

Hope you all are well. Tomorrow is the big Fantasy Shop back issue sale. Lynn will be busy at church so I will need to take Nate.

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Pumpking getting day!

today we went out to Thies Farms and got some pumpkins for our festive autumn decor in the front of the house. we each got one, and I happened to have gotten the smallest....
Lynn posted over on her website about this all too, so you can read more there: http://lynnsblog.blogsource.com/post.mhtml?post_id=389843.
Here's a pic with me and Nate:
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And another:
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Here's Nate with His Pumpkin:
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Thursday, October 5

Pumpkin Brew?

Last night, I met with the guys at Trail head brewery in St. Chuck. I had the Pumpkin Ale, which tasted like beer, and since I'm not much of a beer drinker, I really didn't appreciate it that much.

This weekend we are going to a farm someplace and getting a pumpkin for Nathaniel. Should be fun.


Tuesday, October 3

Nuttin' new

Nothing much new around here. On thursday, were going to have a guy come by and see about having him install our laminate floor in the kitchen. I've had the stuff 10 months now, and I can't install it. THought it would be easy, but It's probably easier to pay somebody to do it. I fall back on the "I'm a white collar worker, I pay people to do that" arguement. Oh well. I'll be installing the new pulls for the cabinet's that Lynn is getting for the kitchen. After the floor is installed, it should be really cool to see the kitchen after that. I alson need to install a new valve on the dishwasher. Have to do it during hte day cause I need to turn the power off so I don't electrocute myself. that wouldn't be any fun.

Nate's been great to be with. Last night we all went out togehter, I stopped off over at Comic Relief, which was closed, but MIke opened up for us so I could be my current issues of 52. That was good.

We found out a friend of ours is blogging to. Tiffany Nevil is blogging over at her site Quiet Gardens, Raging Sea. Her husband, Jeremy, has just joined the army and is in BASIC for the next 12 weeks or so. I will be mailing him a small letter tonight I think.

Hope all is well with you peeps.

Here's a pic of me and Nate taken back on Sept. 9th.....

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Sunday, October 1

Good weekend

Lynn surprised me on Saturday and we went to Dave and Busters and went to eat our at Ethyl's Smoke House on Saturday night, kid free. Nate apparently cried the whole time we were gone, poor kid.

Well, i have more to say than this, but just don't feel like sitting in front on the computer right now.

OH well,