Wednesday, September 27

leaky car

took my car to Meineke again today to se if they could check a leak in my car. They said it is just overflow from the coolant. I will need to keep an eye on it. It's left 3 big spots in my driveway. Oh well.

Today was pretty much eventless. went to the Y this morning, at 5:30 like always. I had thought it would be hard to keep this up, but it isn't too bad. I do want to stay in bed, but I get motivated and get up. Also, it helps me to kick off the day faster. I am getting off to work earlier than I used to. I also get some more time in the morning with Nate. That's good.

Tonight, Nate and I get some mommy free time. she's going to the "Y" for a ladies night out. All this girly stuff there. Don't know what we will do yet. he's taken some pretty good naps today so we may be up later than usual.


Tuesday, September 26

Maybe it was metric????

so, tonight, I got another reminder of why I need to stay away from anything mechanically inclined. I had gone to sport Authority and got some inner tubes for our bikes to replace. both our bikes are like 10 years old, and I know that mine hasn't been ridden in 10 years. So like I got the 26 inch tubes, cause that is what the wheel said on mine. So like I take the old one off and put the new one on, and it has this big gap in it. If anyone knows why, Would like to know. I need to leave these things to the professionals. Guess that is why us white collar guys make so much money, so we can pay the people that actually know something to do it.....

I'm an idiot, what can I say.


Monday, September 25

Nate and His Walker

Nate's newest Yard Sale Finds

Just a little video I shot tonight of Nate and his Walker....

Nate and his new drum....


Sunday, September 24


Has any thought about what a positive song the "YMCA" from the Village People is? YOu know, it says in there that
You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal,
You can do what about you feel ...

You know, what other kind of place can you get such treatment? Well, maybe church....

Well, I bring up this subject, cause today, our whole fam went to the Y. We took Nate to go swimming in the indoor pool. It was fun. He doesn't like to be splashed so we had to keep him away from the rampageous youth that were there. But otherwise, it was good. I got to swim around with him a little and he go to float on a noodle. we'll sign him up for swim classes this fall sometime.

Happy Fall to you all also.

Yesterday we got Nate a walker at a yard sale. once I download the video on my computer, I will post it on here for you all. He walks kind of funny with it.

It was all a good weekend. I was going to take Lynn out to a restaraunt on Lindbergh called WaterColors Cafe. It was closed. We went to Carrabas Italian Grill instead. Excellant. It's a good restaruant. I had the shrimp and scampi (or was it scallons) plate. I didn't like those as much as the shrimp though. Nate, as always, loved his spaghetti.

Well, gotta get to bed. I'm going to try to get up at 5 to head to the Y. I need to prepare myself for Friday, since our Men's group at church is doing a function at 6 every morning. I'd like to participate...


Tuesday, September 19

Scrabble© Champion

At least I was for a second, and then I realized that I skipped recording one of Lynn's scores, so it's up in the air. there was a 12 point difference between our scores.

Had some excitement today. My radiator hose on my car busted. Got it fixed though, so that is the end of that story. Guess I haven't had them changed for the 118K miles on my Taurus that I have. Stupid on my part. Oh well. They lasted this long and it wasn't a problem.

Nate had his shots today so now he is running a little bit of a fever. We're praying that he feels better.

My parents are in Colorado now, heading back from Nevada and California.


Monday, September 18

The Talented Mr. Starbuck

Just thought I would show this pic to you all. Nate is able to drink from a grown up cup, unaided with little to no spillage......

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Sunday, September 17

the weekend

made it through the weekend. so like on saturday, we went over to the McGhee's to put up some baseboard and a shelving unit. I got put in charge of the baseboard cutting for one room. I did pretty good for most of it. actually did the whole room except for one piece. It's kind of confusing with the cuts, slants and such that you need to to. doesn't help that the miter saw only cut in one direction. it didn't swivel to the right for cuts. But, we prevailed.

WE went to St. Louis Bread last night and had their Crispani pizza. Pretty all natural fare. Looks like something out of a martha stewart magazine. Well, I'm not SLB's biggest fan anyways. $4.50 for a PBJ? yeah, right.

Today we tried out a new Chinese Restaurant in MH. China one. Don't know what makes them #1 but their food was decent. Dinner prices were a bit high though. I had the General Tso's chicken and it was delightfully tasty. Lynn had the low Mein noodles. They were good also. We will have to consider this place in the future.

We've been looking into a new dishwasher. We've leaned towards LG at HD. They can deliver for free and do a $50 install. I don't think that is too bad, unless one of you out there can do an install?

Y'all take it easy.


Thursday, September 14

day at the park

Today we took Nathaniel to the partk to play on the Jungle Gym. I got this pic of him with my cell phone:
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Nothing much new today. Not really that exciting around here. Oh well. I've been cleaning some stuff off the old computer, guess getting ready to decommission it soon. we are thinking of getting a laptop soon. That will be fun. Just need to consider the other expenses coming up.


Sunday, September 10

Merry Go Round and round and round and round

We attended our friend's Svouloup's birthday party. they had rented out the St. Louis Carousel at Faust park. Nate and I rode the carousel 4 times. Once I ran twice cause I had gotten up on teh horse with him and it was a bit difficult to get down without some help, so we went around again. I'll have to attach some pictures to this blog to show you all. My blog seems to be becoming a picture album a lot lately. But, hey, he is the most photographed baby (according to my father).

Lynn and I are so looking forward to getting back to a life of normalcy around here. I've mentioned to her that I would like to have a weekend where the three of us can get away. will be nice. I am thinking of going down to Norfolk Lake in Arkansas. Think Lake of the Ozarks, just not commercial..... Don't know when we should go though. Lynn likes to watch the leaves change color, so then would be a good time, just don't know when you can catch that sometimes. I think our STL post dispatch had an article on all that lately.

Oh well. I'll have to come back and add pics to this entry later.


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Saturday, September 9

birthday part deux

Well, we got to celebrate Nate's birthday AGAIN today. 2nd time. It went pretty well. some of the people that RSVP'd didn't come, so we had plenty of food. Nate had a blast too. He scored pretty good in the gift category. The back room is a total mess now. His stuff is taking over. I think we need to box some stuff up and maybe switch stuff out every week, that way he doesn't get too bored with everything.

Lynn and I are completely exhausted. I had her go to a baby shower afterwards and I cleaned up what was left. It wasn't too much.

Sad part of the day was that everybody left early. A lot of people seemed to have places to go, people to see. Lynn and I were so busy with the whole planning and execution that we really didn't get a chance to interact with the people we wanted to.

Oh well.

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Friday, September 8

Perfect B-day Cake

Well, we decorated Nate's cake tonight for tomorrow. It looks great. Lynn's turned out better then mine. I'll have pics of both tomorrow hopefully for you all.

Well, enough computer time. should go help Lynn with the house for tomorrow.


Thursday, September 7

Sign of the times????

So, tonight I took nate to the St. Louis Mills to shop for his gift for his 1rst b-day. I went to a higher end Toy Store called haula baloo or something like that. I bought his gift and had the clerk wrap it for us. we waited about 5 to 10 minutes for this. (it isn't THAT complicated.).

We walked around and looked at some stuff, and I got to dreaming about what I could get Nate in a couple of years. In the PlayMobil section, I found an Airport Screening playset, complete with x-ray machine and metal detector. I didn't see a place for the little guys to take their shoes off though. Funny..

I looked at the playmobil website and tried to see if I could get you all a picture, but they don't have it for sale. I realize now they have a complete set of airport play stuffs.


Monday, September 4

Labor Day

Well, we went up to my parents this weekend for Labor day.
Several things happend:

  1. Nate met his first sheep and got to Pet it.
  2. Lynn twisted her ankle while we were walking in one of my dad's fields. I came back and rescued her in my dad's red truck.
  3. We celebrated Nate's 1rst birthday. He got lots of gifts from my side of the family. Nate had hist first Casey's Pizza and chocolate cake.
  4. we also celebrated my niece Ashton's 16th birthday. Lots of teens. Kind of loud. Of course, my sister, Amy, insured that.....
  5. We got to visit with my grandpa Woodrow. He kept falling asleep though.
  6. My dad's computer blew up, but James McNAbb came by for 5 hours and got it fixed. Thanks James.
  7. Nate got to ride the Mule and the 4 wheeler. Although, at his age, I really don't think he appreciate's either.
  8. We watched at least 5 different CSI episodes. My dad had them TIVO'd and cut the ending off one. Amy was hot on that. we just laughed....
  9. Assundary other items that are bound to happen when the Starbucks get together (watch out...)

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